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  1. HI updated his IG with Paul Kim’s new lyrics. The name of Paul Kim’s new song is “Love Letter”. Can I dream that he wants to send these words to JM? https://www.instagram.com/p/CLtdhTip2w-/?igshid=16c46adad68k9 I found PK’s new song on YouTube. You can listen with Engsub ^^
  2. “Every day, every moment, let’s be together..” Let's watch it while waiting for new interaction between HI and JM ^^
  3. Jimin went out with Minkyung again I'm curious did HI go with them at that time? because HI also liked her post
  4. Hae In changed his mind and don’t want to call Ji Min as sunbaenim again? https://www.instagram.com/p/CJbMMljJfIW/?igshid=vqpqrf9p4jwy I don't understand what they are saying. Can anyone help me translate?
  5. HI & JM liked each other’s post. They’re so cute in white. Right? After she updated her IG for 15-20 minutes, she still didn't like HI's photos. and HI still hasn't liked her photo yet. But 30 minutes later I checked it again and they liked each other's photos Merry Christmas my friends! Wish next year will see our HI and JM in a drama
  6. Friends! HI liked JM’s comment I'm sure you all know that we can choose thumbnail for video. I think HI knows Roma as her nephew's name. So he deliberately chose that image to attract her attention. I'm just dreaming ~
  7. Jimin’s latest post! ^^ And Haein also liked it ^^ Looks like JM went to see “Josee” with her friends. Don't know if HI went to see “Josee” or not
  8. Today both Ji Min and Hae In updated their IG ( HI also liked JM’s photo ) Since her grandmother passed away, JM hasn’t appeared on IG. So I’m glad to see her back. Hope everything will be fine with her. Below is an old HI’s post. Do you think they are the same Sorry I draw too bad
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