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  1. Today both Ji Min and Hae In updated their IG ( HI also liked JM’s photo ) Since her grandmother passed away, JM hasn’t appeared on IG. So I’m glad to see her back. Hope everything will be fine with her. Below is an old HI’s post. Do you think they are the same Sorry I draw too bad
  2. I think it’s me HI’s stylist started like JM’s IG from May 22th, 2019. So I think she followed JM’s IG from that day. I like I remember that Min Kyung also called JHI as bro in law ( after OSN ) HI usually likes MK’s IG posts. A few days ago, MK posted JM’s photo into her IG and story. Don’t know if HI saw it, what would he react?
  3. @tok-soompi I hope so I'm curious who took that photo for her It would be great if they were drinking coffee together and Hae In helped Ji Min take a photo JHI liked her post after 2 hours
  4. Do you remember last year HJM did a livestream on IG? I remember she only livestreamed once and that was after HJM and JHI had a talkshow on vlive. I watched again and noticed that there was a male voice and it sounded like JHI. I'm not sure if it was JHI's voice or her manager’s voice. But she also mentioned JHI 3 or 4 times (?). Unfortunately, I did not understand what she said
  5. Because I felt JHI always wanted to show his masculine side to HJM, he wanted to eliminate the feeling of age difference between them. So it was hard to call “noona”. In 1:39, he was embarrassed to hear the word “like” from Ji Min. She meant she liked the smell of acohol. But what did he think at that time? Why was he so confused? He actually drank and got drunk at that time. So we can see his affection for Ji Min not just acting
  6. @Chrc @hjm_osn Oh thank you for your link. I've watched it before but I forgot that he made a phonecall while he was on the set He didn't call her as sister or senior for several months ( during filming OSN ). So, after OSN, he was shy to call her real name or senior. I think he will never call her as sister
  7. I was surprised to know that it was just KHJ’s imagination. I wished that she would be young again and come back to Joon Ha. However in the last episodes I cried a lot
  8. Hello everybody! Hope July will be good for you all ~ ^^ Do you know when Josee will be released? because I was so curious so I watched Josee - Japanese version. I can imagine how she plays Josee. She really fits that role. But... that movie has many hot scenes. I don't know if hot scenes can be changed or deleted? Gong Yoo has advided Ji Min to do hot scenes to expand her boundaries. Perhaps Josee will break her limits. Although I don't like hot scenes, I still look forward to seeing her
  9. There seems to be something wrong in accessing this content. Fortunately, everything has returned to normal I wanted to post earlier but because I was so excited, I mistakenly posted to another topic of Ji Min *shy~* I felt that he would like her post so I checked out who liked her post all the time. That’s why I was too happy to did it wrong Yes, Hae In liked her post after 4 hours @hjm_osn I’ve posted it again
  10. Sorry, I posted the wrong topic. But I don't know how to delete my post but it’s also about Ji Min so it’s okay right?
  11. hello @Ana2345 ! My friends here have responded to you so I don’t know if I should express my opinions. Sorry I want to read all the pages again but I don't have much time to do it. Although today is Sunday, it was a busy day for me. If you're a KGE fan, you probably know she always gets a mixed reaction that she's beautiful and ugly. For me, she is not ugly She is a beautiful girl in her unique way ( a typical beauty of Korean ). Her smile is cute, too. That's all I think about her appearance. Maybe someone commented about her appearance. However I must say, they never bear malice or feel h
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