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  1. 1, live tribulation (ep30-31), JC see this tribulation live from Si Ming's telivision. 2, death tribulation (start losing all her five senses and die young) Si Ming told JC exactly what this second tribulation will be. 3, love tribulation (the one she loves betray her and want her dead for another woman) JC asked several times but Si Ming didn't tell him what this last tribulation is because this is also JC's tribulation.
  2. In Chinese culture, the most honorable person always sit facing south (facing the door). The lowest rank person always sit facing north. An emperor always sit facing south. Unfortunately I sit facing north everyday.
  3. Chinese houses always face south. The main door of the room is on the south side. The main seat is on the north side. So the most honorable seat is the one on the north side of the room and facing south (the door). So to put this simple the seat facing the main door is the highest seat, the seat facing opposite to the main door is the lowest seat.
  4. Watching ep37 on VIKI and found this. The seat that JC is sitting on is the seat of honour. It's for the most honourable person. The one JX is sitting on is for the person of the lowest level. From the seating arrangement JC>LX>Wuwan>JX. This drama is full of details and hidden information.
  5. I have absolutely no interest in Pillow Book at all after seeing Love and Destiny. Airing after L&D will be a stupid decision. After seeing Ni Ni and Chang Chen's phenomenal performance it will be a disaster for PB. The two leads of PB...ehhh... they just don't know how to act...at all.
  6. Isn't all dragon male? I have never heard of a female dragon. We are talking Chinese dragon here not western dragon. If it's a dragon it must be a boy. Their daughter could only be a pheonix or a bird i think she's a phoenix because her dad is a dragon. a female dragon is a phoenix I guess.
  7. I guess father here doesn't have to mean a male it's just to place emphasis on how to treat one's shifu. There is this saying "One day as a teacher, one lifetime as a father".
  8. It's guzheng (Chinese Zither), I see a lot videos of this lady playing guzheng on the street.
  9. Okay what about if someone's ShiFu is a female? How do you call her husband? If anyone know this please tell me thanks.
  10. Yes grand ShiMu or grand ShiNiang, JC is grand ShiFu. Mu or Niang means mother. Fu means father. A'Mo calls her mother as Niang while LX calls her mother as MuQin. Kids usually call their mom as NiangQin.
  11. JC is his shifu's shifu, so Lin Mo as JC's wife is 2 levels up than him in generational difference. So he needs to call her grandma.
  12. No 师娘 is Mrs. Shifu. This is the kid calling her 师奶奶. Good morning Mrs. Shifu. Viki used to translate 师娘 as teacher's wife or master's wife but how can you call someone like that? Good morning teacher's wife??? this is so not right. Good morning grandma??? or good morning Mrs. grand shifu??? Please not grand teacher's wife please
  13. I am soooo looking forward to see how Viki translate the word 师奶奶 in episode 41. See how awkward LX is? I can't wait.
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