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  1. @gracebkk@kellentia Not an e-gamer myself and was lost during the first few episodes. However, I'm glad I persevered as the character development of each player is interesting and got me excited even though I'm still not sure what they do during in-game battles (what with the dragon raising its head and all that fancy names/moves involved) - just rooting for Ye Xiu and his team as they always seem to be the underdogs. I admire Ye Xiu's character as a mentor/coach/strategist/tactician and think Yang Yang suit this role very well (I've only watched him in Love O2O and his other series did not seem to hold my interest that much). I think everyone may have different taste in movies/series and what works for one may not work for another - as an example, I couldn't tolerate Go Go Squid and can't explain why except the lead actress' antics annoy me to no end. So, suggest one watch with an open mind and if it's really not your cup of tea, there are countless other series to watch. For me, waiting for the episodes to be released by WeTV is such a torture.... surprisingly found another funny series worth my time in WeTV titled When We Were Young.
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