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  1. OMO.... who are those ladies? fortunetellers? anyway, very interesting... maybe we really have to wait till taemin is 30 xD And I agree, he is really focused on keeping secret his private life, so I don't think he will come out saying he has a lover, he is very careful with his fans and he also wants to protect his lover
  2. I guess it’s a good sign, she reacted as if we should keep it a secret, am I wrong? XD just my impression. anyway, in the last ig live, taemin say he will be alone at Christmas... poor him... how is this possible? I don’t think he was referring to his family, maybe his secret gf? XD
  3. Eh... is there a problem with my wishful thinking? No hate here too, but I am not stalking Taemin, not even sending him any kind of message in his IG, so who are you to tell me to leave him alone? I actually really care about his happiness and wish him all the goodness the world can give him, and why should we calm down? Here is the place to spazz, I believe all fans, even you, have a place to fangirl freely. I was admitting in the post that it is only speculation, wishful and harmless thinking, while you are here to tell us what to do, because you know better, without really giving us a proof or even a clue, nothing. If Taemin is dating someone else (and I am glad we agree on him dating) I will be a little sad, but if he chose another girl it means he is happy with that one girl, so I will give him my blessing, wishing for Naeun too the same happiness. I personally believe that the rosary brecialet back in 2014, till 2018 was a really strong clue that linked them, but still I do not say it’s 100% proof, just a 98%. So if you have proof, I am ready to “leave” this ship alone, If not, I really enjoy my respectful shipping them. anyway I’d really like to know what you know, otherwise I will think it was just a little lie you said hoping to insert doubt in this thread.
  4. Yeah, it could also be Church dating, anyway let's be happily stuck in this world^^ also, I hope they'll have a chance to reveal their relationship by their own will, and not before Let's look forward to the concert, hoping to see some taeun interaction <3
  5. Hello taeun comrades! I also think Taemin got to improve his english with Naeun help, hehehe (wishful thinking but it is a good guess). I was thinking about the eXtracam episodes based on Taemin life, back in middle 2017, during the Off sick concert... did you watch those episodes? There is a scene where his closest friends (Kai included) have to spill some of Taemin secrets. One of them (Timoteo) get to talk first, and mention a secret related to the Church... At first I didn't pay attention, but later I was wondering... What secret could be related to Church that got Taemin laughing but worried, asking to not mention that one... conclusion: I really think it was about an important event happened in Church, yeah I am talking about a wedding (I can't find something else that could not be mentioned). Also, the fact that Taemin house seems top secret, is a little suspicious. Even the other SHInee members got to show something during their special in 2018, for their comeback: we see Minho's and Key's house, we see Onew's car probably parked outside his house, but the leader is carring already Taemin in his car, so we don't see anything about the maknae house. Of course it's just a guess, he probably really care for his privacy, and for good reasons, but still... I keep wondering if they are living together as a married couple now, heheh!^^ <3 The suspicion started in that show at the end of 2016, when they misured Taemin heartbeat that went crazy at the mention of a "wife". Then Naeun in a weekly idol episode that checked the status "married"... come on! I would never make such a mistake xD so here my 2 cents, what do you think? wishful thinking? maybe <3 xDDD here the episode, the scene is around minute 23.00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw-CgWWsnps&list=PLr9bzgGbDbA668hSgagsoHUDRaS4xg8Jf&index=7
  6. Hello! I'm glad we can discuss theories, we love them and we will continue to support them, even if we will never know till the announce something (let's hope a weddind in a few years)^^ Since I listened to Day and Night I thought the same thing you did, and the same could be told about Soldier (written back in 2014, Taemin told in an interview that it was supposed to appear in his ACE minialbum, if I am not mistaken). Since Soldier had a very deep emotion in it, I started to think that maybe they broke up... but seeing the way they looked at each other, and also seeing Naeun keeping his pictures in her wallet, made me think Taemin just imagined a situation, the feelings of losing her by a mistake, and delivered mainly his desire to protect her as a soldier. Listening to Day and Night, watching the MV set in Jeju Island of all places made me think that maybe something was happening during 2017, a really intense year for both of them: Naeun star in Psy video "New face" and get to be known from all around the world. Taemin prepare the second solo album "Move-ing" and get worldwide reaction to his title track performance video. So I was wondering if something happened before writing Day and night (end of 2017). What we do know is that the song was written and produced in a very short period, that was said from Taemin in an interview. still the lyrics talk about him being seen with someone else... that was so specific I really thought it was a song written based on his personal life. Also, maybe I am too imaginative, but I got a feeling that Taemin was more off than usual during that year, during shows he looked more silent and less smiley than I rememberd, that's why I suspected that if something was cut between them, it was around the beginning of 2017. But! I've seen some other things, that made me think it still was possible they were an item... maybe other fellow shipper here remember some of them (I have to check if I can found them again) p.s. not to forget the end of 2017 was a really tragic period for Taemin and Shinee with the death of their fellow member Jonghyun. I've noticed that Naeun, who was very active on ig, didn't post anything for two weeks soon after that day. I want to believe she was by Taemin side in that horrible moment... he needed all the love he could get to get through it. edit: here one of the things I found, at minute 1.00 you can see the fans of the First Love sent flowers and a teddy bear (with sunflowers on it) even in 2017 and Naeun showed the teddy bear on stage! I understand that it was a gift, but she didn't have to encourage the ship if she had a breakup. That's one the things that made me realize that maybe they were still togheter but maybe They could not meet much.
  7. shawapink22 thanks for your upload! Frankly haters are really pathetic... we cannot really hope they'll eventually accept, it's more like wanting to ignore/ wanting to see what they really want. If they really were mature fans, they would not care much about shipping and stuff like that, if done respectfully, but they would only care to see if Taemin is happy or not regardless any other kind of shipping o theory etc. Anyway sometimes I wonder how much they really know Taemin to even deny the fact that he was sincere during WGM, I mean they should know he wasn't such a good actor to behave in that way, saying the things he said... that alone speaks volumes about their blindness... and all that couple stuff they have done during the years, the smiles, the looks... really it didn't take a genius to at least suspect it's not simple friendship. I agree with you. Really people shipping Taemin and Sunmi in my opinion are basing the ship on their really good chemistry on stage, but Sunmi is a woman that would probably look for a manlier man than Taemin (sorry taemin, you know I love you xD ), I believe they are just friends, and I suspect Sunmi support taeun all the way, so cute <3
  8. @XamandaX thanks for your reply! I agree with what you said, and it is more possible they are engaged, let's be happily delusional^^ Of course I now believe they are together, and hopefully forever <3
  9. Hello taeun comrades! I'm here to ask other questions^^ I've watched the video you posted here, and other too. I was wondering what could be your opinion about 3 things happened in the past: 1) The song "soldier" written by Taemin in 2016, that seems very sad, and talks about a mistake he made, saying he have to let her go and ending with the wish to be forever together... Do you think it was inspired by something that happend between them? could it be related to the stares he directed to Naeun during 2016 Golden Disk Award, to me it was a very particular moment, he is usually ignoring her, but in that moment he was watching her like he tought never to be able to see her... 2) What do you think about Naeun saying in 2018 that she wished to be contacted in instagram to date someone? 3) Lastly, to end in a good note, do you think they are already married? I suspect yes, they might have had a little separation during the beginning of 2016 (see question n 1), but seeing Taemin react to the word "wife" during that show at the end of 2017, is a bit telling in my opinion. If he were just dating he would not react to the word wife like he did. Same for Naeun that in a show (maybe in 2018, maybe weekly idol) checked the status "married" as a mistake... xD how can someone make such a mistake, come on! So i suspect they are married, or maybe I can say I really wish thet tied the knot^^ call me delusional <3
  10. well well... seems like he was wearing one in the performance (this one is in August, maybe someone can catch a pic about Taemin outfit nearer the day Naeun posted hers). We can only wish we are right this one was near the day Naeun posted her pics credits: https://twitter.com/madnessfor_taem
  11. Oh gosh! thank you for the answer, I didn't think about that I also was wondering if you have a taeun timeline with their interactions, I did one for another WGM couple with other fans, and it helèed to understand better the progression of their relationship (from the airing of the episodes till now).
  12. OMG thanks, I watched it right now, and i remember being one of the first precious interactions between them... awww <3 I also wonder about this picture taken while Apink were performing. Shinee are showing their pinkie smiling to Taemin and the camera... I've read somewhere that it can be a sign that means secret lover (in japan)... I wonder if I am mistaken. If I am right that would explain so much more the gesture <3 Thankyou Stephany! I'm gonna see If I find more about that event. Thank you! Now I'm gonna check 2016 and 2018, I couldn't find anything, maybe I have to read the past post of this forum better <3 I'm just in lalaland now xD btw about Super M, I think it's going to be awesome, but I would have been happier to have Shinee back... still we have to wait till 2020. Maybe Taemin will feel less lonely working with other idols, some of them are dear friends^^
  13. Hello everyone! I am an old shipper of this lovely couple, I followed in 2013 all their episodes, and I loved them so much I kept watching once in a while their moments during the years to keep on smiling. I was so happy to see this forum is still keeping track of their lives to see if we can link them together. For a while I was sad because I watched Taemin passive reactions when Apink performed, BUT you guys and other fans who posted video about them, made me see it was too strange this behavior, also considering the other Shinee reactions (smiles and applauses). So I kept my faith and kept watching your research, and I think the most eloquent ones during the years, were: 1) when Apink got to compete with SHinee for first place in a music show, and Taemin did not make a speech when Key passed him the mic (and Kyunhyung was laughing at them... very suspicious! too much! 2) when I learned that Taemin bought a new house for his parents in the same area where Naeun lives with her family. 3) The heart beat acceleration of Taemin in a tv show, when they were talking about wives, then again when mentioning about Philipphines (were Apink were at that moment) and all the laughing involving this moment from Minho and Onew (who OF COURSE MUST KNOW!). I have a lot of questions too, but for now, can you tell me your favourite connection after the show? I am very curious ^___^
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