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  1. Hello, I was a bit unsure if I should write this post, since it might be a bit “negative” while till now I have been always positive about taeun. But since I was active since 2013 (with many hiatus due to my work and life) I guess I wanted to write this post anyway, you may not read it if you don’t want sad vibes. I have watched gamsung camping ep 10, and I got the feeling the cast started to ship in a fun way Naeun with the actor in it, even if he chose So Dam (and Naeun was a bit curious too) this made me question Naeun situation. Also, In Naeun words about her Xmas gifts and abo
  2. it might be the same period of June then... I guess... I might be wrong about the tour Eiffel too , it’s not much clear if it is that or not. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJOe-kCA4-e/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. I was very curious about the Paris connection... as some of you pointed out, it is really unusual that Naeun posted a picture from 2 years ago, and just one week before Taemin release the MV of “Thinking of you”. I also came up in Instagram with a picture of Shinee in front of the Tour Eiffel, based on their outfit it was in 2018 during summer. Naeun left in the second half of August... I mean, maybe it was a hint that too? What do you think taeunians? I agree, it might be fun to speculate about the past, but we all know we cannot know for sure, and probably will never know f
  4. I’m sorry, I meant that there are more than one way to look at it, for my personal opinion. But yes, it is one of the most intriguing moments of taeun after WGM.
  5. I really am an open mind, I’ve read your posts about this kind of thought, and even that rumor started by an supposed to be saesang, that is still not a really secure source and is very questionable, since it doesn’t show any proof about it. I personally think they might have had some difficulty in the beginning (2014 - beginning of 2016), due to the new kind of relationship and the fragility of it, the need to keep it secret to not hurt the fans, the anxiety of being discovered, and of course the hard work they both put in their own career. But the feelings were probably at their strongest an
  6. Sometimes I believe I am one of the most delusional fans, since I somehow believe they are already married secretly xD (I already explained why I get this feeling in a old post) just wondering if I am the only one here... maybe I am, anyway of course sometimes I have doubts too. mostly is because of Taemin songs, I never can tell if they are made up or real. by the way, Marry Xmas to you all. I hope we will get some pictures from Taemin and Naeun during this period, I hope they are spending their time with their loved ones (and I hope of course they are happy together too).
  7. I don’t know, of course anyone has it’s own idea and interpretation about this, still... we are not talking only about “ enduring”, in the song the main issue is the situation about the two people in the relationship, the arguing and the misunderstandings, the emotional scars...It gives an image of the girl who is not much similar to Naeun, at least from what we could see about her in tv shows, or by what her friends and members say about her. Also, am I the only one who read a clear message of a relationship that is better over? There is a very big difference with this song and Day &
  8. Based on the hairstyle, it’s the View era (2015). edit uff... I’m so sorry, I just found out it’s not the same ring look here in the gallery (ninth picture to the right), the ring band is thicker than the one Naeun is wearing.... https://aminoapps.com/c/k-pop/page/item/taemin-purple-hair/WZIV_IR7qW3mqaqp23nzX4Ke1Nkxzj
  9. I think Pansy is for Shawols, he said so in a vlive presentation of the song, and on other occasions. Also the date of the flower Pancy was like destiny for him, this is all I need to connect it to Shawols. For 2kids I get mixed feeling, since he said something vague about it... If I remember correctly he said he wanted for anyone to listen to it and feel about their past first love... of course he cannot say it in a way that hints about “his” first love, because his fans might connect it with Naeun (since in WGM he told he got his first love as he wished) and of course Taemin value people p
  10. Very interesting interpretation, and it made me almost tear up listening to the song with your scenario in mind. I can say it gives a very romantic and angst vision of their “possible temporary breakup”, before they came back together. I am not trying to convince anyone, we all have our thoughts and speculations (and it is more fun like that) But I still am having doubts about that possible breakup (I have theorized in the past of the possibility, but more than that I had in mind a little fight, not really something that kept them away for a while). If we think that something
  11. Hello taeunians, I’m glad to read your updates! I was wondering... well, I’m not usually focused much on Taemin’s songs as hints, but I was listening to “I think it’s love” and by some translations he is talking about a love he met as a kid and still loves... my delusional heart started to think about our favorite couple, what do you think? the way he talk about being clumsy and all, I keep reminding his time falling in love with his wife in WGM. I’m curious about your opinion too. if it was in some way meant for her, Naeun, then what a lucky girl of course he is a lucky gu
  12. Guys, did you see this? Looks like another couple item, what do you think?^^ https://www.instagram.com/p/CIJNdqlBG1x/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  13. WAIT... at 1:58 of this video... Did you already discussed it? I can't believe it... it was said by a saesang so why should we believe it? And also, it is contraddicted at 2:12. what do you think?
  14. Just woke up and you guys with your post made me smile! Really these two... it is really difficult to not ship them, I could understand us being delusional with just one coincidence in our hands, but there are too many coincidences year by year, month by month and sometimes in a matter of days. Wow, where can I see the clip?
  15. Ok, so we can assume this is just another of many other coincidences, and unfortunately they weren’t in Paris in the same period, unlike Jennie and Kai... too bad. I was wondering, is “Think of you” one of the songs written by Taemin? Did he say something about this song? I remember him saying “Pansy”was for Shawols, but I also find the lyrics of this song very personal... I was wondering if he is referring again to his fans, or if he had in mind someone else. In both cases I really think he put a lot of himself in this song, so he was probably thinking of a special someone (being Shinee
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