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  1. lol I have been in the club since forever! but the subs fuel the hate I didn't know could grow this much haha. he's just so cringe and the horrible acting doesn't help!
  2. oh had anyone watch ep37 with subs? that last part where JX was trying to get JC to leave by saying that 'A'mo and I have liked each other long ago. why do you appear and interfere with us?" made me gag and cringe so freaking hard. URGH you gross gross man. GO AWAY. Ah'Mo told you as much... ugh....shameless.
  3. very good point. I also agree and understood why he did what he did. I honestly don't think he can survive seeing her dying a third time either. It was very touching how he was so emotionally tortured that she was there to be with him knowing all the danger he was so angry/sad/happy.....CC was seriously so good in that scene and NN really delivers
  4. yeah, I get that point too, which is why I didn't dislike that aspect of him because he had his reasons and its very valid where as other male leads usually does not. He had his duties and LX literally told him to take care of her so it made sense. the only thing he was guilty of was not adjusting fast enough when she asked to be included afterword. but in the end, they made it work so lol Le Bo was by far my favorite father on this show, Ah Mo's dad trying to kill her to save the family was just a big no no. Le Bo was so sweet and caring and funny. he was so perfect! his untimely death at the hands' of YT still have me angry to this day. I especially love when LX cried about JC not loving her and he goes "He doesn't want you but I want you." and then goes "Okay, you love him you love him." and tried so hard to please her such a sweet dad. so cute!
  5. I'm up to episode 35 now, I can't force myself to watch 36 again with subs because JX is really really testing my patience. imma wait til they sub til 40... speaking of episode 18, do you guys love that little part at the end between QY and LX as much as I do? it was so cute. their relationship is so pure and sisterly, LX hugging QY, QY comforting her and teasing her about her love for JC...and that little part at the end when LX said JC is so nice to her and QY goes "Silly girl" idk, that just melt my heart. QY is seriously such an awesome motherly kind of character and LX is adorable as always.
  6. when I started the show, I thought JC was pretty different compare to other male leads in terms of his respect for her and allowing her to make her own decisions, but he kinda fall guilty of that trop of male leads taking on the burdens so his woman wouldn't suffer. Time and time again, LX prove capable of making her own decisions and is strong enough to deal with things, but he's so blinded by duty and a sense of being her protector that he take it upon himself and just cut her out of the decision making. Im glad that in the end, he knew she was strong enough to be able to seal him away and carry on without him for a while. Also, it was a good thing she showed up....he was definitely not strong enough to do it on his own. but Overall, the couple is very enduring for their love of one another.
  7. I've been saying shes the perfect Mulan since forever! haha! plus in terms of acting and English, shes far above LYF. and shes not afraid to really lose herself in her character even if its "ugly" acting with no makeup like she did for Rise of phoenixes. I don't think he has an insta, she would have followed him, I can't find him on there sadly... LOL same boat sister!
  8. right?! who ever will marry Ni Ni will be just as lucky. I follow Ni Ni on Instagram and shes such a breath of fresh air, she knows shes pretty and post super beautiful photos but also post really silly ones too. and she loves her cat and anime and I just adore that dorkiness. shes the perfect balance of classy and tomboyish
  9. oh damn, this sums it up so nicely and I still cried They legit have so much chemistry that if he wasn't married, I'd ship them so hard.
  10. that part really got me too. she was so heart broken yet loved him enough to do what she did....urgh our poor little bird
  11. why would you do this?! now I want a whole episode of just JC, LX and Nian'er together so cute when they were tapping each other's noses!
  12. his motives was not great, paired that with terrible acting, he was a pretty bad villain we didn't deserve. he hated the king but he already got his revenge, and then theres LX's mom, who I suppose backed him into a corner too so he "had' to kill her. he wanted LX to stay Ah'Mo because hes in love with her, and then when that didn't work, he wanted LX to stay as queen and not marry JC. its all just really petty.... the demon king... is now in JX and then he got sealed again
  13. I think he has always been leaning towards evil and was "trying" to be good. but he held on to old grudges and other issues. he's jealous of JC and want LX to himself, so when he loses everything its easy to see why he'd turn. though it wasn't compelling enough tbh. it wasn't as big a push like YT's story.
  14. we can write our own little short story for the drama, for moments to add one or change a little so we can be satisfied. if you start it, I'll join!
  15. I already finished the series and get the big picture but watching it with Subs to get the small details are so satisfying!
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