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  1. hi everyone KookMin shy with each other. When feel shy, means they attracted to each other. I saw kjk face so red & smile shyly when the dancer show the choreograph to them. He try hard to stay cool... Did kjk said my heart see you? ... i mean during somin do sexy pose to them at the back.. because i heard nae ma-eum or i am wrong? Someone come to the front when Somin come out... Full video in the spoiler....
  2. Can't wait for tomorrow episode Hope we will get a lot of KJK & Somin moments !! Good Night Everyone...
  3. Hello. I'm a new member. Nice to meet everyone here Yesterday I watched Somin IG Live, kjk76 also watch her live even didn't leave any comment Thankful i saw it with my eyes! KJK become more soft towards Somin now than before.
  4. Hello.. The Most Amazing Couple Ever Can they reunited again for another drama / movie in 2020???
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