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  1. Thank a lot for the video . I thinks the video I'm looking for is remove on youtube . But thanks for sharing have a nice day !
  2. It mean what KJH claim from the beginning that he have no recollection of what happen that night is 1000% true . I believe and support my Oppa to the end .Thanks for the information .
  3. Thanks Asiandramafan for the youtube link to Kangjihwan interview video . I'm very appreciate and grateful. But it is not the interview video that I'm looking for . I'm looking for the full interview video that Kangjihwan did on the April 17, 2009 . the video that he wore a black jacket , a light green t-shirt and a blue calf . there are some picture was taken on page 650 on this Soompi forum . If you have that video please share with me . Or if you know anywhere that sell it please let me know . I like that video so much that I want to have it . Thanks again . have a good day .
  4. Hi every one ! I new to this forum . anyone on this forum have the full video 17 April 2009 KJH"s radio show guesting interview . the video that have some picture on page 650 on this forum please upload and share with me . I would like to download that video so bad .I will be very grateful .Or anyone can tell me where to buy that radio interview video. please let me know . I like that interview video so much . Before I was able to view on youtube . but for some reason . the owner of that video is delete it . Now i can not watch it . Please Please some one have that video please share with me . Thanks a million .
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