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  2. What an apt (like someone said earlier) and emotional finale to what started off as a "political" drama. It's one of the best concluding act I have ever seen in a Korean drama (I have been a follower for almost 20 years, I was also one of the earlier soompi members (circa 1999) but have stopped posting anything since 2013). It was never a political drama to begin with, it was always about the growth of Park Mu Jin, from the timid and socially inept Minister, who rose in adverse circumstances by having to wade through all the complexities and "evil" of politics to become the leader of the nation. It was also about the people who made him "the President", his adversaries, his so called enemies and more than anything, his aides and staff of whom he had gradually inspired trust and confidence upon. It was - about that human connection between him and everyone who had initially doubted him. Park Mu Jin, he was always the core. About halfway through the drama, I realised I never really cared truly about who the VIP was. There were elements that were quite far fetched, and some things really just required suspension of belief (like some have pointed out in detail re NIS protocol). However as the episodes progressed, I really felt that the writer's intention was far deeper and intricate than the plot devices itself. The writer managed to weave a lot of humanistic and realistic elements into what could have been just a political thriller, making us feel for every single character, no matter good or bad. We didn't need to agree what was done, but we needed to know why. And that the drama managed to do that with such subtle brilliance, that didn't make anyone of us go WTF, that's it? The drama had so much at stake, but it really took time and effort to make sure that each of its characters got the respect it deserved. It's so much more impactful than giving us who the real villain was, and then bam, that's it. The finale's high rating was very well deserved. It didn't live up to my expectations, it blew everything away and created something new. A light of hope that may be too idealistic in the real world, that politics that, may be one day, led by a good person. Thanks all for the insights and outputs so far. It has been a great ride with ya all! (I have been quiet lurker hehe)
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