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  1. @CarolynH 1. townleader of Heupgok-hyun in gangwondo. (town name was mentioned in the library scene ep8) 2. Kaist 3. Preacher Heo No Ah is HJJ ... haha you tricked us! 4. While watching from HJJ’s laptop and by putting the laptop over her head ?. 5. tower of Hercules.
  2. Still No signs of him.. the possibility Of him showing up is down to 0%
  3. the caption said he taking a break while his next work ... still reviewing?????? Ok at least he is reviewing something yayy @scrawford...enjoy your 10 days away...hopefully when you come back we will have some news .
  4. Finally an update ...he tortured us for 20 days of wait.. @Nikaa94 will be happy when she wakes up. is anyone planning to tune in for tomorrow’s LIVE show? I wonder if he will attend in person Or just virtually. Hopefully we can catch a glimpse of him.
  5. here’s a small eng subbed of GB section tv. he was asked if he could act as GJP again and accept the curly hair his reaction was soooo cute... By the way for those looking for the ENG SUBS for the Section TV there are more translated videos in this Twitter thread it’s worth checking it out if you haven’t seen it
  6. In yours @Nikaa94 and @Heretorant recommendation I’m up to ep 16 of camellia blooms. GHJ She’s good, FL approved she has my blessing !
  7. haha how many times did you replay its already got over 112 views.... you notti girl ! @Nikaa94 also posted the famous tongue kiss a few pages back....sorry it might be a spoiler for you. @mademoisellesiayou're right, don’t think he can cook ..saw someone posted this 2014 interview. Q1: first thing you do when you wake up (brush teeth) Q2: what do you feel like eating most now? (milk tea) Q3: how many hrs do you sleep a day? (7) Q4: must your ideal type be 170cm? (doesn't matter~ Q5: the thing you can't live without? (computer) Q6: do you cook at home? (nope) totally never? (totally) lmh: is the q&a over? i wanna continue~~ (he's so baby in this one!!!! ㅠㅠㅠ
  8. haha @Min2206 this is legend of the blue sea, have you seen it yet?
  9. @CarolynH I've got one more kiss to add if it hasn’t been mentioned yet : the erase my memory kiss ?.... click spoiler for a clearer visual
  10. @willenette does a producer have a say who they want to cast? or is the producer only appointed after the script and casting is confirmed ?
  11. ahhh missy...pls edit your cry reaction on mine..i had 3 sad faces there. lol...we gotta start banning cry reaction from now on.
  12. thanks @Nikaa94 they sounded like they have more patience than us. this comment though.. " a term of 1 year is inevitable"....
  13. yes he is so clumsy ....i think that's what make him more human and lovable at the same time. BUT..i still can't bring myself to re-watch the video where he tripped over the red carpet in BOF awards ... @Nikaa94 are you lurking on DC ...any juicy news there......?
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