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  1. Thanks for the advice. .... i should start ignoring and move on.
  2. Don’t you think you should move on ...if they are behaving like they moved on whats the point in doing these things.
  3. He got hurt and definitely don’t want to get hurt again. He is not interested/not sure what to do for now .
  4. Then don't you think the same goes for yoona too... the way she behave or talk definitely will change according to situation and circumstances. May be because she is a girl she can’t express or do few things by covering her original feelings and laugh only for broadcasts.
  5. From what and why did you find him like that ... is it because they broke-up?
  6. To understand his heart we need to watch this interview He always speaks from his heart so i think that is his true feelings. https://twitter.com/LSG_MX/status/1162902867037970432?s=20 and about yoona i don't know anything ... except the fact that he liked her for long time.... so i can not think or comment about her.
  7. So min is like female version of seung gi in doing things
  8. From his debut to till now he didn’t change.He is very nice and heart warming person.
  9. I really can not understand if you like them or hate them
  10. Hi I am following this forum from a very long time but kept quiet as the main parties are are not dating anymore but hoping they will get back together. Incoty i should appreciate your interest in them keeping this forum alive but nowadays i feel you are frustrated with them and angry with them for not getting back together. What really happened between them we don't know and what ever the reason we are thinking for their breakup is all our imagination. we cant blame both parties expect the timing when they were dating is very wrong. 2014 is a not a good year for girls generation...she might have been too disturbed ,along with that they couldn't meet properly as they both were too busy with their schedules , so broke up. we all thought they will get back together but thats our wish. They might be hurting or they might have moved on. . Now what i am thinking is ... LSG is a very careful person ...he doesn't show his emotions before others easily especially if he is hurting may be thats why he is working like a cow with out thinking about marriage. And about yoona read this article https://www.soompi.com/article/1343314wpp/girls-generations-yoona-on-having-a-hard-time-last-year-changes-after-turning-30-and-hopes-for-the-future And it’s really difficult for people like LSG and yoona to date as they both don't want their personal life to be exposed. and with out showing their personal life these two big stars cant not date peacefully.. Getting back together for them is a very big step they both have to take... because that step shouldn’t go wrong it will spoil their image so they might have become cowards. What they are going through we dont know so instead of feeling frustrated just hope they will get back together. After 4 years i just wish both LSG and Yoona to be happy.
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