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  1. I am very new in kdrama so I am not quiet sure if my observation is correct. It seems to me that the answer to the question of most of those who care about why of all the drama offered to him, Kim Soo Hyun chooses Its okay to not be okay as his comeback drama, is his being able to do something that is rarely done, if not haven't been done at all in SK. The healing drama angle based on what I have read was already done before; however, I think the integration of stop motion animation thru dark fairytale concept have not been done, which would most definitely pique anyones creative interest; especially someone artistically inclined like KSH. Even my kid who criticises my fondness to Kim Soo Hyun and anything Korean ended up watching the entire episode with me, because of it. I just hope and pray it continues within the same trajectory and ends with a high doubled number rating which seems to be rare among cabled shows. I have read that its pilot rating is good enough, but was not what KSH wants. Having been used to a double digit ratings in dramas he have been part of, I hope he gets his wish if not tonight, during the episodes to come re: ratings. Personally, I beleive it is a must see. Soo happy with the boy who fed nightmares and looking foward to the girl in red shoes tonight.
  2. Funny yes but very clever too. An excellent example of how to break the 4th wall.
  3. This is nice but some fans think they need to work on how to agressively promote their artists. At times I also wonder if it was a good decision for Kim Soo Hyun to break away from a well established agency. Personally, though I understand the concerns of some fans, I would like to give Gold Medalist the benefit and chance to prove its worth. After all, Kim Soo Hyun got new endorsements, Ye Ji is part of Soo Hyun's come back drama and heard Sae ron being casted in a tv series. Not too shabby for a newbie, right. For whatever its worth, I admire Kim Soo Hyun's courage to do what he beleives he must do, against all odds, may it be in life, script choices, or career move. . .
  4. Thank you for sharing all pics Hwonhwon. I saw the "interview" like for how many times. The first time I've seen it is without any Eng. sub but that did not stop me from gigling. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji were such tease.
  5. Hmm, he gained around 200k followers with nothing but GD logo and profile pic. in his IG. I wonder how many he'll gain if he starts using it for real.
  6. D22 Thank you for the countdown Hwonhwon. The teaser is making me a little Psycho though. I rewatched it after reading some of the quoted posts here. OMG I don't think I will be able to work today.
  7. I noticed that he seems to like the idea of having to combine genre. Maybe there is a little Rom Com somewhere.
  8. I think so too Yuzu, definitely not a Rom Com. That is basing it on its latest teaser. I do not know if I am ready with the "evil streak behind the kind facade" now that I love KSH the person and a good son (based on reports of him supporting the new family of his father). Then again, I became a fan after seing Real. So bring it on, I guess. My highest respect for this man. Any actor would have chosen an easy sell kind of script; Pleasing fangirls all over, but not him. He just have to choose something that would challenge him.
  9. Thanks Hwonhwon. D23 Kang-ri time. I suddenly am having the second female lead syndrome.
  10. Yes. But they are not yet done releasing still pictures of the other casts. Most probably we will have those first like today D24 as per Hwonhwon we got Moon Sang Tae. Not having so much promo, releasing the still at a time to create a buzz seems to work. Then quench it with (sooo praying for this) a very enticing trailer.
  11. Agreed re: chemistry. Here praying their visual chemistry transcends on screen this June. Just as I am really interested to see if HyunJin can deliver, I look forward to the Moon bromance. I see huge potential during their script reading.
  12. D25 . .. Okay. Maybe starting a countdown would make the time go faster
  13. Thank you for sharing. Tese makes me giddy. I am smiling by myself like crazy. Thank you for the wonderdul distraction against the Pandemic. I like calling them HyunJi.
  14. I am loving the way they do teasers. They surely know how to tease. I was woried at first that the still only has KSH on it. Thus, am soo happy they followed it up with Ye Ji's. I can't wait for the other casts and more of both of them in one pic.
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