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  1. This 10 minute interaction with his supporters make me wonder if wheter or not it it is serving him good.
  2. I am happy that 2 of KSH's dramas are on the list. They are actually part of my "go see" shows, whenever I am in between trips or just whenever I am having some lull moments. Actually, come to think of it, except for Sky Castle, all my downloaded Kdramas are that of Kim Soo Hyun. That' s when I realized, (and as blatantly pointed out by my son) I have become a Kim Soo-hyun "fanatic" .
  3. Thank you Hwonhwon. Samdong introduced me to Kim Soo Hyun; thus, Samdong will always have a place in my Kdrama heart. More or less 2 weeks from now, Soo Hyun’s contract with Keyeast will be ending. I pray that whatever his decision be, whether he renews his contract or not, I pray that he gets the full backing of his fans and South Korea’s entertainment industry. He has come a long way since Samdong as reflected in awards he got nominated and won, both as artist and as a person. It would be such a waste if he will not be able to continue to show off his talent either by design or as a consequence. Goodnight and may this last month of the year bring all the good things we (KSH included) all deserve. . .
  4. Wow! Congratulations to KSH for the Big Ben Awards. His parents must be proud. If my understanding of what I read is correct, this type of award is not the typical glittery (at times a little bit shallow) awards given to actors due to having a good sense of style or good looks; rather, it is an award given to role models whose very existence and life work is hoped and expected to be followed by the younger generation. South Korea should be proud too. Although the award giving body is Sino-UK, the criteria and rigors of choosing candidates is exemplary. Awards like this pressures one to be perfect . As much as I am happy for him as a fan, I just wish and hope for him to live normally and happily.
  5. KSH. . . such a chameleon. I am confused with some pictures if they are current or in the past. And a tease too.
  6. Thank you all for sharing KSH pictures. All of Kim Soo Hyun's current photos look good. Good is an understatement actually. Comparing his pictures the year before his enlistment and his post military photos, the latter gives at some shots a freshly youthful vibe and in others a sophisticated manly aura. Depending on what he wears and perhaps the theme of the shoot, he projects an innocent teenager look in some shots and in others, he shows off his gentleman look, bursting with manly elegance and sophistication. Goodness. . . .2020, please hurry.
  7. I say it again. Kim Soo Hyun ages like an expensively exquisite wine. The older one gets, the bolder the body and finer the taste. Just like his solid acting and undeniable stage presence. I am looking forward to his future works; may it be in TV, movie, or ads.
  8. Good morning. . . Need to go back to work now. Thanks all. . .
  9. Oops sorry for calling him kiddo. I keep on forgetting he is already 31. I got to know him just this year through Dream High. So, sorry. I hope I did not offend anybody.
  10. I do not know what it is, but, this last picture, try to zoom it in and just focus on his eyes. It seems nostalgic that you want to cry. I hope he is really okay. He seems happy in most of his shoot though. Having the rich and famous as part of your fan base can work like a double edge sword. On the plus side it is something very useful as being a bankable brand ambassador for high end products; but on the other side you are perceived an elitist that will not set in well being unreachable with the masses who ( I am not sure if this is true with SK) are the ones who usually watches TV or movie shows. I could just imagine the pressure and/or difficulty he is having in trying to come up with a comeback project. Wishing you all the best kiddo(KSH).
  11. I do not usually stick to a single artist. In the past, I decide movies or tv shows based on whether I like the synopsis. Most often than not, I would even forget the actor/actress behind the character I like. But after watching (I think) all of Kim Soo Hyun’s work. I find it less time consuming to simply try watching it as soon as I know he is part of it. My assumption is that even if it maybe something that is not for everyone, it will be something that is artistically and perfectly executed by him. And I do not know if it is just coincidence, it seems that when he is the lead he doesn’t shine alone but the entire cast that acts along with him; thus, making the most cliche type of script, wonderful to watch. So if he accepts “psycho but okay”; I believe I would definitely enjoy it.
  12. Oh okay. The other brand is Korean? So even if it was launced in China SK media supports it. Honestly, right now I will watch any drama he chooses. So, if "Psycho but its okay" is a drama of his choice, and not just by his agency or anyone, if he really chose it, I am confident it is excellent. I trust his artistic sense, and trust him as an exemptionally talented yet well grounded actor.
  13. Good morning. Am I the only one worried and wondering why South Korea media outlet seems to be snubbing Kim Soo-hyun? I understand the secrecy of him going to Paris considering that it is supposedly a surprise for the the guests, but I find it wierd that the chinese media are the only ones covering the post event. Hopefully my gut feel is wrong.
  14. He is on a different level. Not making this event known maybe a part of it (his appearance) being a surprise to those guests. . . .
  15. Thank you for sharing. Been busy lately but have been lurking and getting quick glances/twittering for days. I saw the live streaming of the DPC event; the venue and set up looks classy and very very expensive. If it was someone else wearing what Soo Hyun was wearing, he will be underdressed compared to what the others were wearing. But Kim Soo Hyun. . . In his simplicity brought in that elegant charm needed to complete the event. Class, indeed is not bought nor taught. He has that aura. . . An inate class. There were instances that he show some awkwardness as compared to the very confident poses of the other Korean ( the girl, sorry, I forgot her name); however, knowing that he is an introvert and naturally shy, it is expected that he will always feel uncomfortable with open admiration; and, I could just imagine how open the fans there were showing it; afterall, its been a while. That is something that he maybe uncomfortable; but, I am pretty sure he apreciates. Those reactions of his are just priceless. It makes you want to like/love him more. . . .
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