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  1. Im so proud of her her eyes shows the pain she is going through, but she picked herself up and made an:effort, with all the neg comments from people who blindly except that its ok that she was treated badly ,because they hero worship sjk, he is a good actor and comes across gentle and sincere, and its ok to be a cheater ,if all the reports are true ,love sjk all you like and give him support but not at the expense of hurting shk
  2. The two have moved on ,except it ,the only thing that i dont except is the compaints to make SHK  the bad person, get real , he will never be a faithful  person acordinng to the news that nobody excepted, i really liked sjk and very disappointed  in him ,now theres news about kim ji won  to soon to call it a coincidence.  I hope she protect herself 

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