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  1. @gumtaek I saw them on your twitter account, not on the thread here because I don't have time to backread that far back, ha!ha! I am a long-time Bogummy fan so I already know these testimonials but I liked your tweets because they were a unique tribute to his acting career.
  2. The Rose, a band which Bo Gum mentioned in conversation at the Pentaport Rock Festival, appeared in a radio show yesterday and Lee Jae Hyeong, one of the musicians from the band, said how happy he was that Bo Gum knew their band and their song. Lee Jae Hyeong was so happy that he talked about it on his SNS. Here’s the news article: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/112/0003203209 and the Coke clip where Bo Gum mentions the songs he likes listening to Some parts of the conversation is interesting like the part where Bo Gum mentions that he recently obtained a scuba diving licence in the Philippines (which we all knew but we hear him say it here)
  3. @gumtaek ha!ha! that's true. The other person who loves mentioning Bo Gum is Park Na Rae. By the way, I like the testimonials you tweeted on Bo Gum's 8th anniversary debut, it was an apt tribute to his acting career.
  4. I watched the clip last week when it was released and it really is funny!! Fun trivia: it's a long-standing joke of the host of the show, You Hee-Yeol/Yu Huiyeol (there are different romanizations of his name), that he looks like Bo Gum, i.e. he is as handsome as Bo Gum. That's why the moment he hears about Bo Gum's good looks, he points to himself and the audience laughs. The original singer of 'Let's go see the stars', JukJae, who is being interviewed here, has been on many music shows, TV and radio, and is frequently asked about Bo Gum.
  5. It's not something that is expected in any particular fandom. He is the only one I know that is very diligent in remembering fans' names because he treasures all his fans. His astounding memory is also what amazes fans because there are many examples of him remembering a fan's name or face even after a year or two has passed.
  6. Bogummy is really the sweetest person, trying hard to remember every fan's name, doing a hi-touch with every single fan who attended and gifting so many personalised gifts.
  7. I know of a fan who sat in front and didn't dare to take one single picture for the same reason. @summer2017 as long as you enjoyed yourself, that's what matters. You were really blessed to see Bo Gum for two consecutive days!
  8. Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to fangirl with you over the weekend but I have been extremely busy these past few days so I will have to backread the last few pages and catch up with you guys later!
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