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  1. @liddithank you very much for your detailed explanation. Oh, only now I realized XZ married Baili Yu. Now my heart aches a lot for her. And oh yes, LGC's pet! Now I see it. I thought it was just a random squirrel. Brilliant. @liddiyou are brilliant!
  2. @firipyexactly my sentiment. I guess it is all up to each of us to conclude. At least JY came with a battalion of eagle flag armies with shinny armour and horses; most probably approved by HRH XZ. Hence, I will imagine Asule and JY won the battle and Asule will be king of his home country. Then, they all ride to greet HRH XZ in the palace. About the squirrel, it is so ambiguous. Jiang Nan wants to illustrate a "happy ever after" meaning? Or LBC reincarnated into a squirrel? Hmmm....this part, I am confused. Too abstract.
  3. Thank you. I love it. Sad. Drama ended. Open ending, as predicted. No meet up between my CP. Sad. But I hope they will take up another project together. They look so good together.
  4. @liddithank you for the full translation. Really appreciate your hard work and time. These young actors really did a marvelous job to bring out the soul and spirit of the characters. I really salute their professionalism. On a different note, sitting and facing each other won't these two beautiful souls' hearts flutter? I recalled one BTS (when they shoot the visitation of orphans), even these 'orphans' were 'be-witched' by XZ's beauty and fair complexion. In the BTS, the little girl similarized XZ translucent, flawless complexion to a mirror. In another BTS, the Yuran playfully asked XZ "do you have a bf?". XZ said no. Hence, my absolute salute to Liu Haoran for his mighty effort to hold his heart still and focus on the job to bring out this good work for us.
  5. @liddithank you for translating the bts. Really appreciate your effort. Please. Please. Please. Can you help to interpret /translate one little section of 'Bts Asule is bored'? The part after Asule whistled and XZ finished drinking. Asule said something. But I cannot understand this section. Then XZ replied "I have only heard this". The section around 0:53 seconds. Thank you in advance for my "overly-thick skin request". Please. Please.
  6. I guess we need to watch for answers. In the preview, Iooks like yes. But previews are sometimes misleading.
  7. I will keep hoping based on the Asule's promise to XZ, "will cross mountains and seas to meet her". But and again, the fact that Jiang Nan has a bitter soul, I will keep my hope low. Btw, what is the meaning of Asule's new title. Sorry, my Chinese is self learned, so many big words I cannot really comprehend. Tq
  8. Episodes 49 & 50 have no sweet moments between my two fav actors, Asule and XZ. *Sob* sob*. Somehow, I wonder why the writer, Mr Jiang Nan is so bitter? Dumped by many girls during his youth????? Why wrote such pitiful story for Asule. Yuran, whom he loves and married but the marriage was not consumated and YR loves his bff. Suma whom he used to adore and even told his dad (during his younger days) that he wanted to marry her but ended up as his elder sister in law. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. If Jiang Nan wrote "XZ to marry another guy", then I will blacklist this author. I am ok with an open ending, like XZ got pregnant AGAIN with Asule's child but gender not revealed. Just a small wish.
  9. Just finished watching episode 48, preview of 49 and 50. Initially I continued to watch because I love the development of innocent and naive romance between XZ princess and Asule. But in the preview, Asule took a deep bow and address XZ as her royal Highness. He thanked her for taking care of him and left on a horse with a head of messy hair and love-less, grave look on his face. ? His way of breaking up with a lady.
  10. Seeking for insights. During the preview for episode 46, there was a voice over saying " Yu Ran is indeed the chi Wu sheng" what is that? Goddess? Tq
  11. @Erafera1i beg to defer. I love Xiao zhou very much. She cares, adores and loves Asule. Whereas, YR just receives the tender love from Asule but carefreely announcing they are best pals. Making Asule so pitiful. I guess I share similar sentiment with a large majority of Chinese viewers in China. The character YR was acted well but I dislike the character development. It would be good if YR develops slowly to become a more mature lady. Thoughtful and insightful. Thus, I find her immature and irritating.
  12. @hamajiin the book, Xiao Zhou was 10 years younger. A girl that Asule saved. Hence, for this drama's viewership experience, this character under went some modifications. So, let us rest and follow this awesome drama as it unfold it's many layers of "awesomeness". Episode 32 ended with a unbearable cliff hanger!!!! Arghhhhh. I recalled there was a captured wolf Lord/Asule's grand dad in the dungeon. I wonder why waste this character? Perhaps, he will have more screen time in the future episodes. I have so many questions...will he be the ONE who helps Asule to regain "behavioral normality"?
  13. I beg to differ. I really like "Zho" princess, more than Yu Ran. I find YR very irritating, not knowledgeable and unable to appreciate all the loving kindness showered on her by Asule. as a matter of fact, I love the general's character (I forgot his name. The chief warlord who resides in palace now) his lines are very witty. This show, this far, ( I watched until episode 28), is very captivating. Liu Haoran protrayed Asule to perfection despite his young age. I am going to be his fan for a long time to come.
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