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  1. yeah, me too. can't help waiting for any ryoma and sakuno moment on the manga, got a slightly little interaction on the anime, finally getting on real dates on the new prince of tennis and it's kinda frustrating to me since I was waiting from me in the same age with momo kaidoh (2nd year middle school) on the manga and finally found their interaction on my 24 y.o such an old me. and now finally the drama comes with the closest storyline and the best cast ever (well at least for me, the cast is the most balanced for me) flower boy everywhere well, I think nobody can't replace kanata hongo but still, Peng Yu Chang acts nice too they can't be compared! I love Dong Li too, Momo got SO HANDSOME KYAAAH (well, he's one of my favorite character on tenipuri) and is it me or Zhang Yijie looks like an older and *sorry* shorter version of kuanlin???
  2. Yaaasss I'm trying to find the subs but I don't find any. Loving the drama already since the storyline isn't that different with the manga except sakuno's (song yiren) a lot of attraction with ryoma (lu xia). Can't wait the subs, since it's a little different with the manga but as long as I watch it, I'm pretty impressed with them
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