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  1. You must have read a bad translation. It was always the entire golden core. It's all in Chapter 89: Loyalty. - Part 11 (if you're reading the excellent translation on Exiled Rebels Scanlations).
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama! It's really true to the novel, and although the leads are young and inexperienced, I think the casting is perfect, and they are doing an excellent job portraying Wei Wuxian and Lan Yangji. Now that the drama has finished the background story of Wei Wuxian's first life, and has moved to his return, I suppose the censorship will become apparent. (And it looks as if the number of episodes is already cut, due to some big anniversary in China that apparently will result in government-approved or mandated programming for all channels). However, given the visible, overt chemistry the two leads have when they are in scenes together, I am hoping they can do with the actors in Guardian did, and give the viewers enough subtext that the true nature of the relationship is clear.
  3. I know! I loved it. Just my taste in design - clean, classic modern design. I actually had nightmares about TN moving in and adding frilly pastel pillows and Hello Kitty stuffed animals and artwork, and making an elegant home into something hideous, like her clothes and her bedroom.
  4. I wondered the same thing. He kept a pretty low profile after the scandal broke, especially as the evidence (recording) seemed pretty damning, but then recently the accuser miraculously recanted! <insert eyeroll here>. (Not that I think he should have been condemned for allegedly making negative comments about the FL in ALSB, or allegedly having an intimate relationship with a consenting adult. I really despise the "Netizens" and how they can't separate actors' private and professional lives, and are so hatefully critical that actors are driven to deep depression and even suicide by all the rumors and scandals. Just look at the gossip, rumors, speculation and lies about the Song-Song divorce, which should have come as a surprise to no one, since these fall-in-love-making-movie-or-drama romances rarely last - ie: all the Hollywood relationships/marriages between co-stars that failed, from the 1940s to current times). Maybe that's what all the filler and flashbacks were about, and all the comments HSY made about love and romance, which the novel specifically noted he would NEVER say out loud. I hated that they did that to his character. The drama supposedly included the stories of the last two books - Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room and Stewed Squid in Honey. I have only read the last book (Squid) of the trilogy, but supposedly the second book is about appledog and DT. I do suspect that Hu Yitian had a much bigger role originally, because when the drama started airing, if you googled the title, the results showed a large photo/poster of Hu Yitian as the first and main poster - as if he had top billing - and then much smaller photos/posters of LI Xian and the FL. (After about 15 or 20 episodes, when Li Xian's popularity skyrocketed, the google entries changed, and the first, large photo is of LX and the FL, with several shots of them before a small-sized photo of HY).
  5. The coffee machine part was beyond stupid. First, who cares if TN can make an espresso drink? Second, HSY is a 29-almost-30 year old man, who acts as if he's never seen or been around an espresso machine, jumping in fright at the milk steamer, etc. And also, he's a gaming god, but he's not stupid, and has been living on his own since he was in his late teens, and is described as doing the cooking/cleaning for his housemates. He's also a smart guy - not just a cyber-security gaming expert (these are Capture the Flag type games, which look to be similar to what cyber-security experts do to combat hackers/viruses), but also with a degree in industrial design. And I'm supposed to believe he isn't capable of figuring out how to make a latte???
  6. I couldn't believe that they didn't show any footage of the "celebrity" match-up between the former Solo team members and the top 5 current highest ranking competitors. Nada. They are out eating and drinking (as if they'd be drinking hours before the competition), and then they're on stage with confetti falling! I actually rewound twice to rewatch, thinking I had spaced out and missed something. The second thing I couldn't believe was that they didn't show that final competition at all, but again, went from repetitive, tedious, we've-already-seen-those-at-least-twice flashbacks, to DT, 97, Demo and the others on stage with the confetti. Also, for all the drama about grunt not being able to play, it was NOT the "World Championship," which was the dream that HSY and his former team members were talking about and striving towards the entire drama. It was, I think, referred to as the Asian Pacific Games, and did not include most European countries, or South and North American countries. And the last episode was almost entirely flashbacks to scenes we had seen at least once, and some multiple times. But IMO that was better than seeing more completely unbelievable, non-sexual canoodling between Li Xian and the disgustingly childish FL.
  7. I agree - I thought Yang Yang played the upright, filial, disciplined character described in the novel perfectly. He also nailed the romantic scenes - dude has a beautiful profile/jawline, and knows how to kiss. Re the FL in Love O2O, she was very pretty and her clothing (modest, but pretty and age appropriate) fit the description of how she dressed in the novel, unlike the ugly, childish, tent-like outfits that Nian Nian wore in Go Go Squid, which were not at all the way her outfits were described in that novel. (I really disliked the casting, clothing and directing of that FL in Go Go Squid, and it totally ruined the romance for me personally. I could not bear to watch the FL and Li Xian kissing/hugging/etc). The problems with the FL in Love O2O were than the actress was beyond thin - she was emaciated looking, such that they couldn't even put her in a swimsuit, and she looked horrifyingly thin in that sleeveless outfit she wore for the in-game sections. As for the kissing scenes, the problem was that in the novel, she did seem kind of detached and somewhat frigid - the scene, including dialogue, of their first kiss, when she shows up at his office with her suitcase after a week or two at home with her parents, was word for word, action for action, the same as the novel. But I just hated how she always looked as if she was being sexually assaulted, against her will, in the drama. Her role is the only role that I wished the actor/actress playing the part in the movie was cast for the TV drama. Every other role in the TV drama was a vast improvement over the movie's casting, except for hers. (I particularly loved that the drama cast Zhang Bin Bin as KO! Loved his romance/bromance with Mr. Beauty/Hao Mei! They did a pretty good job with the innuendo in the TV drama, I thought. Lots of tropes that are usually M/F, like when Hao Mei drank too much, and started to do a face plant in his plate on the table, and KO catches his cheek with his hand. Too adorable).
  8. Agree with your assessment of Li Xian and his performance here. I had never seen him before, and it was instant love! Can't wait to see what he's up to next. I disagree with you re the romance, which I thought did not work. In the novel (piece of nothing fluff), the FL is described as being curvy, wearing short dresses, and basically being a girl men noticed. The actress who played the part of TN is too old for the part, and the director apparently decided to make her appear younger by having her dress, decorate her room, and talk/act in a disturbingly child like manner. Her clothing was baggy, childish and unattractive. I never believed for one minute that a normal, adult man would find her sexually appealing. (OTOH, they did a great job casting Yaya, who was also young and inexperienced, but was very pretty, didn't talk like a little girl, and dressed like a 19-20 year old would). The romance is why I can't give this drama a high rating, although Li Xian gets a 10, and the story of his background and his relationships with the other guys, and the gaming scenes, also get a 10, and those things make it well worth watching. Now it's back to The Untamed, which is the best thing airing right now, IMO.
  9. I read the short piece of fluff book on line while waiting for episodes to air. They are much more sexually active in the book - TN attacks HSY every time she drinks and basically tries to feel him up and kiss him. And yes, they do "go all the way" at the end, a month before their wedding, in the book. It's February 14th, so Valentine's day and HSY's birthday, and that's the "present" TN comes up with. Li Xian made HSY come to life, and gave him depth that must have thrilled the author (who also, I believe, wrote the screenplay, a condition of her allowing her books to be made into dramas). He - and the scenes of him and his bros in the past, and his boys and bros in the present - is why I loved this drama. The scene where he and Solo made up was awesome. The FL and romance scenes made me cringe, and got more embarrassing in the last 10 episodes. I could barely watch them. TN's behavior, clothing and decorating tastes - best line HSY delivered to her was, when he first went into her bedroom, looked around, and said, "This style of decoration - do your eyes not hurt?" - were disturbingly childish, and the kissing scenes were stiff and unromantic. I can't wait to see Li Xian in another drama, hopefully with an adult love interest, although after watching this, I'm a little worried that he might not be able to pull off the romance. After all, Yang Yang managed to overcome the frigid, cadaverously thin FL in Love O2O, and still come across as romantic and incredibly sexy in the kiss scenes.
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