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  1. Actually i can probably wait for LJG and IU to work together again...and it's okey that for now they do separate projects, working with other actors as well.


    But what I'm wondering about is why with Moon Chae Won again??? <_< there are many other actresses...and considering that the Kdrama industry does not like doing "repeat" pairings..or even if they do it takes years before reuniting a team up. And Criminal Minds was just so recent...:unamused:

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  2. 1 hour ago, stella77 said:

    Oh I am happy to know that many of you have visited Thailand before!! Yes, it is raining lightly now even as I type in Bangkok. Also mini-Thai lesson. Because I don't know your gender - the ending suffix 'ka' and 'kap' added on to the end of anything will make your Thai more formal and polite. 

    Hello: Sawatdee - ka  or Thank you: Kob khun - ka (is when the speaker is a woman) 

    Hello: Sawatdee - kap or Thank you: Kob khun - kap  (is when the speaker is a man) 


    I will keep an eye out for the HDL news in Thai media but I'm probably behind all the high-hard fans. 




    Hi, sorry this is out-of-topic....


    But why is it that there are no Eng subs for Thai dramas.... I 've been wanting to watch so many Lakorns....but i cannot find any subbed versions at all.


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  3. 3 minutes ago, lollyminx said:

    I wonder if nothing happened between CS and MW because there's a god of you-know-what and she didn't show up



    Hahhha....the pink MaGo' s wrong timing:lol:


    I was laughin at this...and the fact that CS (YJG) red ears is all over twitter world now... waahhaha :D


    His red ears have gone famous as well.

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  4. Okey........................
    ..................... I have really waited for the subbed episode 16.


    I cried so many times.   When they were saying goodbye one by one... and the hotel is totally empty and quiet ...poor MW.


    But this had been a lingering thought ever since I joined Soompi forums (of various drama).... i do not know IF IT'S JUST COINCIDENCE or not.....that the things we discuss in the forum actually in some way, get to be reflected in the actual script/story. :o


    So we in other previous forums before had even chided each other that.... there might be production staff lurking in these soompi threads...HAHHHA. who knows?? right :sweatingbullets:


    Because way before the final two episodes.... these were already way before discussed here among ourselves, I remember reading about it though i cannot remember who exactly posted these.

    That perhaps or "maybe" CS has met MW when they were little, and that could be their connection in the past ( well indeed in Ep 16 this was shown - but somehow you could see that it was a-last-minute-add-on the script? i mean this is just my observation, because originally, it was YW and his mother who found little MW right? so if CS and his father found her first, how did she ended up with YW??)


    Then that clamour and pleading for atleast a happy ending -- I think that "park scene" was just added to appease us....hahhha.


    Okey I would not nitpick further on the type of ending they gave us.   But obviously even at the storyline onset, they were set on to a sad ending already.  And that park scene was just a wishful thinking in CS mind ON HOW THEY SHOULD MEET when they are re-born and see each other again.


    And yes the bed ! we've been giving emphasis on the bed too
    But....Gosh even their bed scene is sad.... why????????? :wacko:


    I had to give it to CS though....so stubborn til the end....he did not take the medicine/ potion ..gave it to YN instead..hahha.


    The only thing that kinda ease the let-down is that the new Hotel owner  is .....just sooo  HOT. :P



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  5. 1 hour ago, Meggie said:

    This is the one thing that bugged me. I hate that she used banmal and he used the most formal way of Korean. It just made the confession seem too formal like the boss and employee hierarchy is still in play. I understand that she is way older but come on! That's not the way you talk to someone, you want to do unspeakable things to!


    He should have just said "Saranghaeyo" it would have been way better. 


    Yeah talking formally to express love.... thinking of noodles when a gorgeous goddess is saying "to the room!" 


    I now think indeed ManChan is trolling us. :expressionless:

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  6. I am a sucker for classic films, those black & white hollywood movies (i have a collection that of Audrey Hepburn), that generations after generations can watch because their stories never really grow old. 


    I have wanted that for Hotel Del Luna, it has the making of a classic too. You know, a drama you'll still be excited to watch again even long after it ended. The setting, the styling, the funny, bittersweet story.


    If only the ending would be something wonderful as well. if only.... :mellow:

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  7. On a different note, or maybe it's just me because some find it as CS being selfless??


    At the last part of ep 15, for me CS character is being contradictory.


    When MW left and has not returned, he was all desparate, lost, and crying his eyes out.... and then just like that, he was suddenly saying MW should let go of HDL already, not to stay on anymore.. like he waited and waited for her... only to send her off in the end???


    :huh:  :crazy:


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  8. @lollyminx


    I understand your frustrations, i feel exactly the same, it's not just the lack of skinship that do this.. but the "YJG-IU effect."  Okey this is the theory... most say that when the main leads (the OTP) have burning, intense chemistry/attraction/sparks/tension *for real, not just when the camera is rolling* ..the audience and viewers will catch on it too and feel, sense it burning through the screen. :sweatingbullets:  .. so it's not just a few of us who's just imagining it.


    I have chanced upon this giddy feeling in some drama or series I've watched before when the OTPs also have this palpable , highly charged tension/ attraction.


    But there are also some pairing that eventhough they are all-over each other kissing & hugging have no effect on me at all.


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  9. 22 minutes ago, lollyminx said:

    It's really strange. :lol: And I want to understand why I'm frustrated by the lack of physical romance when I know they're in love and their love is deep and meaningful, more so than couples in other kdrama.


    Because as I've said, I've watched other series where I like both main leads and they've done even less kissing and hugging than ManChan but I didn't feel this frustrated. I was satisfied with the limited romance they showed. With HDL, I'm frustrated to the point of being a little bothered. I wonder why I'm feeling this way, and I want to know if I'm being irrational or something.


    Hahhha, those lost opportunities.  When MW returned and CS run to hug her at the tunnel, the emotions was sooo intense, you can almost feel the electric current....hahha but then the 3 staff joined them :D


    Then that unexpected whim of MW wanting to be carried ..and said "to the room !!!" hahhha what was that all about? ?but she got dumped at the couch instead :grimace:


    Then that last scene ep 15, they were saying i love you, but were just holding hands... i cannot with these two.

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  10. I was thinking that MW is not leaving anymore after she has send-off CM... because if i understand correctly what MaGo said to her (that night when CM finally reappeared in front of MW)


    "His spirit is too weak so he cannot crossover and reincarnate, he will be left behind here.......

    You have to send him off... THAT WILL BE THE LAST PUNISHMENT..."


    So i thought that will be her last task and that she will be finally be forgiven.



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  11. @dazzylin


    Hahha i'm actually just making light of it ^_^ ..but i'm pretty apprehensive as well with this out-of- the- blue time-travel concept.. 


    If this is a last-minute add-on to the storyline.. it's kinda worrying how they will pull this one off.


    Something like this should have been thrown in a few more episodes back ... not on the last leg or finale already. 


    Unless they make the last episode longer in air-time, like an hour longer.

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