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  1. Back in early September, I listed my suspects and until the end it haven't change. LOL..the fact that BJ is the only one with no flashbacks just placed him as the prime suspect to murder SA in my opinion. I love this drama mostly because of Jun. His acting has improved so much but I won't deny my beautiful and handsome baby still has room for improvement. He was undoubtedly talented and he pulled off being BJ. I'm sure as he continues to act more and more, he will get so much better and one day baby, I am sure I will see you standing on stage with an acting daesang. Other than Jun, I have to give mad props to others. The drama is definitely thrilling and suspenseful and it got many to just question everyone on who could be the killer. Most importantly, I honestly just love how real the situation they created. How, as long as you have money, you won't get punished for your crimes or mistakes until people decided it was time for you to go down. The line MH said to BJ in the beginning of ep 16, people enjoy watching heroes fall~ that is so true. Many loves a good success story but many more expects other to just fall from grace. And those falling sometimes just have to accept their mistakes and move on with their lives, because that's just how it is. I'm looking forward to the next drama by Jun, Choi Gyujin (my new baby) and some of the other actors and actresses from this drama. They are indeed talented.
  2. So episode 15 wrapped up and we only have tonight to finally see the conclusion of the whole series. As what Moo Hyuk said, they can only arrest Yoo Yang Ki for his involvement in sexual with a minor. As for the murder of Lee Tae Seok and Soo Ah, there are just not enough evidence to prosecute him or even Beom Jin for that matter. Now as much as many would love to see Beom Jin stepping up as witness and turning himself in as the murderer or not, in every drama there is always the antagonist. The ultimate antagonist and I truly believe that that person in this drama is Beom Jin. I hope in all honesty that he is turning himself in and telling the whole story as I always felt from the very beginning, he is the linchpin for this whole case. He is the one who can lay out the full story and either prove those who are innocent and those who are guilty. However, we always go back to that there is no solid evidence to prove that Beom Jin is the murderer or not, or that his father is involved in Lee Tae Seok's murder and everything else. I have this feeling that maybe, just maybe Beom Jin will only comes forth only to try and bring Moo Hyuk down basically trying his last effort to save his face. Moo Hyuk has yet to use the CCTV in LTS office and maybe JSA home. If he gets that footage and use it at the trial then all loose ends will finally ties up. But I don't think the ending will be a happy ending. OCN's drama hardly ever ends with a happy ending. Hardly but we can still hope for the better.
  3. I dont know how stretched my imagination is but I'm trying really hard to understand every character in this drama and something came up. Considering that BJ is actually smarter and more confident about trying to save face (whose face I honestly don't know), could it be that BJ is hiding something about himself.........too? Like, maybe, just maybe, he is not the Assemblyman's son but he was actually adopted? Or, he might not be a high school student but someone older but was unable to finish school for a reason? I mean, with Taera's truth coming out, what harm will it do to him and his reputation? There has to be a personal reason behind why he is so keen to sweep the truth under the rug. So many motives and possibilities, soon everything will unfold on its own as it already started. Man, I am so proud to be a Kissme and a UNMe right now, because Jun is freaking amazing!!!
  4. Yoo Beom Jin ah...if I can say one thing to you right now is, no matter how hard you try, you won't win. You're still a kid, boy. You're maybe a genius but you're still a kid...just stating the facts.
  5. One thing I learned from watching lots of thrillers like this drama is that, when the bad guys want to stop the good guy from blowing the whistle, don't ever messed with the good guy's family, friends or any of his loved ones. Cos when you make things personal, the good guy will always snap~ The plot is hiking up now, in a few more weeks they will reveal the murderer and then comes the plot of how the bad guys come falling down... Next ep predictions, Hansoo wont die, but the policeman will and only because either he turned the gun to himself because his cover may have been blown or Hansoo turned the gun to him...either way that policeman will probably die next... BTW, I'm starting to warm up to Ki Hoon aka Gyujin...
  6. I dunno why but suddenly I have a wild idea that maybe, just maybe, BJ is not the killer. He too is trying to find the killer and also the crazy secrets the parents and all the other students are keeping from the world and that maybe KH is acting like a hot tempered rich spoiled brat who is dying to find out who killed SA, when in fact he is only curious cos he is dying to know if the world has figured out that he was the killer.
  7. Yoo Beom Jin did not kill anyone but he paid or planned the whole thing and I think it is to cover for his Dad. But even if that is true, other than protecting his family's pride, what exactly is his motive to protect his Dad? There must be more layers into the reason as to why Beom Jin is desperate to sweep things under the rug and to act so drastically as to kill. One thing for sure, the worse person in the beginning, Lee Ki Hoon, we can tell he will soon change his tune and work with Mr Temp because he on the other is desperate to find out who is the one who killed Soo Ah. There will come a time where he will start to question Beom Jin but I dont think the fate will be blissful for Byung Ho. I think he will be one of those unlucky person who just happen to follow the wrong leader. He will either die because he blabbed his mouth or he will die because he was trying to protect someone. I can feel more people are going to get kill, I just hope it is not Mr. Temp's hacker friend. He's the best character in the drama so far.
  8. To the actors that are playing the adults, well, because of experiences they are good...but those playing the students....my god... Lee Jun Young playing a character that is just psychotic, I'm still not sure if he killed Soo ah or if he just masterminds the whole thing to cover up something. Choi Gyu Jin playing a lovesick spoiled brat puppy who is desperate to find out who killed his love. And then there is L.Joe who is playing Ahn Byung Ho, the helpless black sheep. I can go on and talk about the girls.........this whole drama is just amazing because of the young actors and actresses playing the students. There is so much mysteries and questions. But I bet the reason Beom Jin is trying to cover every opened doors to Soo Ah's murder is to protect something. I think all the students are trying to protect something, or some people. Mostly parents. Or maybe Beom Jin isn't trying to protect his father, I think he is trying to just be a good example and son to his father's eyes. I think he has already planted in his head that to be successful he must first be his father's pride and joy. I dunno, last night's episode kinda threw me off the loop with who is the murderer or the people behind the case. Let's just wait for tonight's episode.
  9. Realize how only Beom Jin had no flashback yet amongst the student??? It seems like every week my murder suspects changes but the one thing remain constant is Yoo Beom Jin's involvement in the case. Anyways, my current suspects currently are: - 1. YOO BEOM JIN 2. The Assemblyman 3. CEO Lee 4. Ahn Byung Ho But I still have so many questions though. Honestly, I want to put Tae Ra in that list but I don't think it was her. I think it was her mother if they were involved in anyway. Ye Ri don't have solid motive to kill Soo Ah. But Beom Jin definitely is hiding so much more. He is either a psycho who killed Soo Ah because he is a psycho or he maybe extremely in love with Soo Ah and accidentally killed her. Ki Hoon being a spoiled brat, even though is in love with her, doesn't know how to charm which makes him do things out of desperation because he is spoiled like that. Tae Ra is dumb af, but her issue with Soo Ah is entirely about Beom Jin but the fact that Soo Ah knows of her secret makes it a motive. Though, I don't think Tae Ra is that smart to think of killing Soo Ah. Her mother seem to be that desperate for that though. Also, next episode, I think Chief Lee is going to be the next murder victim. Someone will die next episode, just looking at the preview.
  10. Let's say, if we go by this theory, then could Ahn Byung Ho be the killer? I mean he has been doing the dirt for almost everyone who are the dirtiest of the people in order to just survive. So could it be, him doing the deed only so he could also be the sacrificial lamb? Or maybe, if he did it it is also to get revenge on everyone else. I'm still stuck on Ahn Byung Ho's purpose in this story because besides being a victim of bullying, what exactly is his existence in the drama? Everyone in the drama has a motive to kill Soo Ah. Right now, other than Byung Ho I am massively upset with the teacher and the policewoman or whatever she is. Dammit, why can't they just stop assuming of everything and everyone if they are so righteous~ It's bloody annoying~ Also, I finally get why the kids are psychotic. They are all trying to impress their parents - living this life that they MUST do well because their parents have paid the road for their success. Aigoo, my baby Yoo Beom Jin is going nuts because he is trying to live up to his parents's expectation. I don't think any of the Top 4 students have any clue who or why Soo Ah and I don't think the girls really cared. But there maybe a reverse in role between Beom jin and Ki Hoon. Maybe just maybe, Ki Hoon is indeed in love with Soo Ah and is innocently in love with her. Beom Jin on the other hand maybe just a slight obsessed. It's all still too soon but what we are well aware of now is that the backstory of everyone is about to come out....plus after tomorrow's episode, we will have about 10 more episodes. So the unraveling of the truth will start.
  11. I have been trying real hard to hold it in because I don't have an outlet to discuss about this topic and I'm not really into forums because most of the times the replies come in late. But I can't help myself anymore. It has been 5 episodes and even though I only started to watch this drama because of my beloved Lee Junyoung, the storyline is definitely the kind of drama that I love to watch - it's mystery and thriller with some dark secrets about the other side of the society....I just love this kind of stories. Anyways, after watching 5 episodes and I'm very sure there will be more secrets that will be peel over as the episodes come, I feel like I can more or less make sense of the connection between the students and the school. Someone definitely killed Soo Ah and its still difficult to point out who did it because so many people have their own motives but I am very sure it is not Ye Ri. Ye Ri is a mean girl who is narcissistic and self-centered but she's the only one in the story who has no real motive to kill Soo Ah. She knows a lot of things though like Soo Ah's past, Ki Hoon's perverted obsession for Soo Ah, Tae Ra's questionable achievements and many more. Also, Ye Ri just wants to be on top and to debut as an artiste. Tae Ra could be a possible suspect but as smart and ambitious as she is, I don't know if she actually wants to kill Soo Ah but there is a possibility her overachieving mother could be. I mean in the latest episode, Ye Ri told the teacher that Soo ah was flirting with Beom Jin (now here's another story on this) but Beom Jin is dating Tae Ra and in the previous episode, Tae Ra's mother even though was disappointed and determined to make Tae Ra a notable pianist, would actually allowed her daughter to go on a date with Beom Jin for status. So in the hopes for Tae Ra not to lose her grip on Beom Jin, maybe the mother plotted to rid Soo Ah which means technically, Tae Ra didn't really kill Soo Ah. But, I think there is a deeper story in this. I think there wasn't a misunderstanding and also a hidden love triangle. I think Beom Jin is in love with Soo Ah and maybe, just maybe, Soo Ah might reciprocated the feelings too since we are still unsure of the relationship between Soo Ah and Han Soo. That is why Tae Ra is so jealous of Soo Ah. I mean in the second episode, Beom Jin did looked very sad at the funeral. Although, we may need to wait and see what the next few episodes will open up for us. As for Ki Hoon, the boy is smart and intelligent and very arrogant (aigoo, where did Heesoo Hoobae went?) and seems the most obvious suspect of them all. He's obsessed with Soo Ah to a point of wanting to rape her and I think Beom Jin knows about this too but since he has no proof, he couldn't put his 'friend' in the hot soup. He thinks he owns the entire school, which in some sort of form maybe he does. But aside from him not being able to have Soo Ah for himself which could be a possible motive for him to kill her but I feel like that reason alone is too weak. My ultimate suspect is Ki Hoon's father, the former boss of Mr. Temporary. I think him and the other lawyer and the chief admin from the school are in some sort of an illegal prostitution or maybe escort services. And I think Soo Ah not only being one of the girls but she also must have hold a strong secret about this agreement and maybe decide to expose these men. On top of that, maybe the story of his son's rape attempt on her only fuel his decision to rid of the girl for good. That seems legit enough for them to kill Soo Ah but like I said, there are still so much more episodes to come so we need to watch it slowly. But what I'm most curious about is the relation of the other students in this drama. We all know the gangster kid is friends with Han Soo but why is Byung Ho in the picture. Also, 4Minute Soo Hyun's character, yeah she knows a lot of secrets but she already misunderstood the temp's motive to go undercover. If I were her, I step right at him and asked him his purpose. I feel like that way she can make his job a lot easier if she knows so much. All in all, I still think Beom Jin is the only one who can actually put a stop to all these plots. He may not know who the killer is or he may know but he definitely look like he knows all the dark and secret arrangements made between the school and their respective parents. He could also is trying to get everyone to just dig their graves deeper and when it's deep enough, he just sit still and pleasantly watch each of them bury themselves like the silent mastermind. I don't know but my feelings are telling he is the linchpin in this plot. I may be wrong but we shall wait and see. I am loving this drama and I love Jun even more!!!~
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