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  1. Found this gem on youtube channel YoYo TV. it has English sub n Indonesian sub.. really love the couple !! at epi 38 now.. the plot now is about palace politics .. I am watching mostly for the couple interaction haha.. loving the gender bender situation.. how they both attract girls haha..
  2. hello all, i thank netflix for having chinese drama and movies in their collection.. just wow.. its just so comfortable to read the english translation. most of chinese drama in fansubbing site are generally auto-translated and giving me headache to understand the words.. been binge-watching this and i am super happy !! one of reader here comparing this drama with pride and prejudice .. hahaha .. i also compare it to pride n prejudice in terms having movie and drama version.. when you want to indulge on details you watch the drama. but when you want to enjoy the pace / the realistic setting you watch the movie. loving both.. also like it because there is no makjang plot .. this is something that can happen in real life. although real world guy with good looks, ability to play game and success in career in something that I never found. really like the gaming world setting.. i watched the movie first and totally like the gaming setting .. and when i watched the drama.. the cgi is quite good actually. love men with long hair.. oh my god !! its fun to watch the costume setting without having a traditional palace-king setup story.. how come the korean drama didnt replicate this setting in their drama ?? haha.. i want this setting again !! the movie setup for the BWW career is better than drama setup. The movie gives impression that BWW also lead n run the company... but when i read the novel (translation) - the author seems to prefer more domestic setting for BWW.. also really like the plot/ scripts.. i think the writer really put effort on detail knowledge real world student, gaming world.. the three musketeer (guys) really livening up the drama.. their banters are really entertaining.. the girls banters also entertaining.. really down to earth banter.. Yang Yang when dressed in gaming world .. remind me of someone.. mark chao in eternal love (?) i think.. since Yang Yang did the movie version.. i'll try to watch this too.. yes i wished SZ was more relaxed during intimate scene with YY... I am really really enjoying this Netflix !!
  3. Hello All, this drama is on Netflix by the title : Somewhere Only We Know. Spesial episode is not on Netflix. This drama started really good, i hope it realistically portray life of university students in Mainland China.. communist but capitalist way of life hehe.. However starting from episode where Xue Tong and Mu Cheng He went to the island (Malaysia ?) i was kinda speed watching.. kinda want it to have mature scenes but it seems the drama becoming too serious ..
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