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  1. Why do i feel like W and H spend some time together last night. W posted past midnight then H just this morning so that it won't be too obvious. or it's just my delulu coz it's also Korean Independence Day. Anyways, I'll still daydream about them
  2. OMG they are really meant for each other!!!! Thanks for the warm wlecome btw. Ahhh i can't wait for hyunnie's last episode tom. I wish i see her more often.
  3. Hello everyone. Im a silent reader and shipper here. It's my first time to post also. The first time I saw this post of Wookie last night I thought it was our hyunnie seriously. I dunno why, maybe due to my delulu or whatsoever but when I really try to look at it at first sight, he resembles like hyunnie.. Ahhh. I miss them both so much.
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