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  1. first of all: thank you everyone her for posting pics, videos and translations.may the high gods bless you i havent watched the ending yet, but am a bit sad to hear there will notbe an abundance of cuddling scenes. didnt someone here think about writing some fanfiction about chang chen and nini? well, i had an idea... actually the script had a fabulous ending planned with lots of affection and kissing, however during the filming nini is having more and more a hard time when she has scenes with cc... loses her professionalism... blushes whenever the have long eyecontact or stand close to each other, although theres 20 people fussing around them on set, she doesnt see or hear any of them when lose to cc... obviously, this is very confusing and impractical for nini. cc is married after all. so she is approaching her breaking point anyways and then realizes that soon they will be shooting the very long, very steamy, basically unheard of sexyness in a cdrama ending scenes and she panics and knows she must avoid that no matter what, to save her heart and dignity. she comes up witb some bs reason, maybe her reputation and portfolio as an actress and demands from the director to change the script. of course that doesnt go down well, but nini makes it very clear she will not back off. either change the script or she leaves she set, no matter that the production is almost finished and no matter the backlash from backing out of her contract. the script is changed. cc doesnt know any of this. filming ends and theres a celebration, nini wanders off, wanting to be alone, sad its ending but looking forward to get away and put her heart back together. cc finds her. he jokes about feeling he missed out big time that the script was changed, he was sure it would have been a legendary piece of naughty moviehistory... he guesses the production team got scared of the censorship board and thats why they changed it. knowing nini will leave tomorrow morning anyways and not being able to bear anymore to deceive the man she lost her heart to, she decides to come clean with him. she faces him, really looks at him, where before she was always avoiding eye contact, takes his right hand, holding it between hers and speaks. that she demanded the script to be changed. that she wouldnt have been able to ACT that scene, only BE in that scene, the real her. and she couldnt stand that, knowing he would be acting. still, she knows she would obsess over maybe cc didnt act, maybe he likes me a little. having this on camera, for the world to see, everyone enjoying what brings her pain inside and she herself compulsivly watching and rewatching herself and him in passion. it would have been her doom, so she couldnt allow it to happen. her hands still holding his, her thumb rubs where he wears his wedding ring when not filming, then slowly lifts his hand and presses a soft kiss on that spot. letting go of the hand she says, i have great respect for you, i hope i never caused you trouble with my lack of professionalism. i learned a lot when working with you. thank you. and she walks away...
  2. i am quite new to c- and k-dramas, but the awkward kisses were definitly one of the first things i noticed. and yes, it aggrevates me as well. i just figured, it is more of a cultural thing? the idea of a pure, innocent woman, very shy and very unsure about if she can allow this monstrous thing called lust... better freeze. and stay frozen. similar to when in the infamous 50 shades of grey, the heroine accidentally stumbles upon a kinky guy and things just develop and really she is in it for her heart and not the orgasms. but if you look deepee, you see, the heroine wants the kinky stuff, the whole audience definitly wants to read/see the kinky stuff, but it is all constructed caregully in a way that allows her to keep her "innocent". circling back to BQ, i felt it was more about her wanting to portray a shy, passive kisser because thats what the audience wants, not because she couldnt turn up the heat if she wanted to. so i watched eros/the hand with chang chen. right after the opening music we see him beinf blackmailed into lowering his pants, get a close up of his butt and then his face when he struggles through receiving a hand job. well. very different from L&D
  3. i wanted to check out the movies Eros and Three Times with Chang Chen, too! Can anyone recommend a site, where i can watch them?
  4. so sad to read its not going to be subbed on viki... why would they not sell the rights? also curious to see if netflix will show this, like 3l3ws...
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