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  1. @ktcjdrama Because in order to take it off, he had to touch the gloves. That's how he had fluorescent on his hands and then it got on anything that he touched afterward.
  2. HSK once said the script of drama is very realistic but also truthful to the genre and it was the thing that first got him interested in the project, which I agree completely at this stage. It's particularly true when it comes to the characters' psychology. The boy has lost it, he wasn't in his right mind. There was no reasoning to him at that moment, all he wanted was taking revenge on the person who ruined his life. In that context, he would want JHR's daughters to go through the same experience as he did. We think he needs to show empathy because he's also a victim but no, he is taking it in a rather wrong way. And it's so realistic. I know his action is disturbing but I would have been disappointed if he was written as a selfless, pure hearted character after all he has gone through. And yes, I agree that this a major character development. If you recall the conversation bet him and HTJ's husband about which type of person the latter is, I believe they both suppress their feelings for a long time, and they are very alike. YG even suppressed his memory about that night and when he found out it's JHR, all hell broke loose. So, I personally don't think he's changing, he just finally expresses himself but in a very negative manner, sadly. DCG knows this so well, this is why he kept the truth from him. After watching e14, I can't help thinking the women in JHR's life are so innocent, happy and clueless while their father/husband has been doing all sort of evil things. I can finally make some sense out of all those sweet scenes between JHR and his little daughter from the beginning of the series. Of course it's not their fault that he turned out that way but nothing is without a price.
  3. Yeah. I have the same thought. Something like suiting up before going to battlefield. Hahaha. And it's pretty clear that he was rocking his chair from side to side contemplating the next move. I'm pretty sure that Han Suk Kyu came up with the idea of fixing his hair because I've seen him do that many times in other works. It's his thing. Each time with different meanings and expressions but this one is particularly creepy as you said. Can't help but admiring him. One simple act can deliver what words can't.
  4. Judging from the way DCG just left DC Park to die, I feel like Park has revealed something that make DCG thinks he's unforgivable. I'm so curious what that is. The last look DCG gave him screaming "you're pathetically despicable" to me. lol
  5. I personally prefer that the big bag is someone else besides that 7 people or at least not just one person but a group of people. So far, we are presented with cases involving the police, the prosecution and big conglomerates. There are so many names in the ledger and it's said that lots of people could kill for it. I feel that none of these 7 people are powerful enough or ambitious or desperate enough to do all the bad deeds. But I think maybe some of them are manipulated into doing bad things. I also still put my trust in Jo Soo yeon being a good person but she's in a situation where she has no choice to do otherwise. Question is, is the boyfriend a higher-up or the big bad. Can it be Han Tae Joo? I sometimes feel that the show is taking itself too seriously but it's not really a problem for me. I constantly remind myself that this is not a procedural investigation drama but more of a psychological thriller. There are lots of mysteries and it sure does mess with your head. That 's what a thriller is supposed to do, after all. In a normal investigation drama, things unfold gradually as the story progresses with evidence found and straightforward explanations. This one is different since it focuses more on the characters and psychological aspects of the investigation. ( It is all about mind games and lots of scenes happen in interrogation room where the interrogators psych out the suspects. I'm always baffled at the way in other series, MLs suddenly bump into pieces of evidence). The characters are dealing with lots of things in their own head and they all suffer stuff like traumas, trust issue, etc. And I feel like by the end, it's not just the story getting resolved but the characters also grow and heal. That's what you rarely see in procedural investigation dramas because those are more event focused. I guess how you think or evaluate a drama depends so much on the expectations that you set. So, that's to say i'm really into this drama. One of the best that I've seen in a long while. Of course it also has some weaknesses but I'm willing to overlook those. My worry is, since the development is really complicated, it would be difficult to tie it all with a satisfactory ending. I truly hope that the writer and director can pull it off.
  6. Thanks @my0t1 I think there are some confusions with the Eng subs ( depending on which one that you watched with) PSY said that something like the man is a complete lunatic, he'll take care of all the people who get in his way and plan something new. Then YG asked who are those that he (that man) is supposed to take care of. PSY answered " your father". It means that his father was in danger. That's why GY left the place right away and asked Ms Jo to send a patrol to his apartment. So the whole conversation gives GY the impression that his father is not the mastermind but someone else is. It makes me think that the real culprit must plan ahead the murder of KJM. Could it be DC Park? Unlikely because he needs to get his hands on that ledger first.
  7. Hi everyone. I've been snooping on this thread since forever; I really enjoy the discussions here. I've been following Watcher since the first day the project announced its casting of ahjussi Han Suk Kyu because I'm a massive fan of him. I think I can share some useful info with you all. About the title of the drama, our director Ahn Gil Ho clarified that it's named Watcher because our leads all saw something in the past but things are not as they thought. So they are the watchers. It's that simple. Watcher here doesn't mean someone is inspecting something. So, I think we might over complicate things by all the theories of DC Yeom or someone else is watching them. I saw there are theories of why DCG put KJM's jacket in the washing machine. My theory is a bit different that DCG trusted KJM till the end (as he always emphasizes) and that he was trying to protect KJM. So it began like this, KJM lost his jacket somewhere he didn't remember. The culprit wore his jacket to his house, killed his wife and left it at the scene to frame him. YG saw that and thought it was his dad because of the jacket. DCG phoned in and it was the culprit who picked up the phone. DCG came into the house seeing YG's mom was dead. He saw the jacket and knew it was KJM's ( if you watched closely that part, in a slit second DCG kinda startled when he saw something). Since he thought KJM was in the house just minutes ago (because of the phone call) and there was the jacket, he was certain that KJM was the murderer . However, he still tried to help him by hiding the evidence because it's perfectly normal for a piece of clothes of the owner of the house being in the washing machine. Maybe he didn't know there was bloodstain on it. This explained why he repeatedly said that he trusted KJM till the end. KJM was his favourite sunbae after all. Since the incidence once again proved that KJM betrayed his trust, he was left wrecked and since then he wowed to be objective and became an inspector who doesn't believe in emotions ( I'm so soft at his bright smile in the pic of 5. He looked genuinely happy back then and now the smile is gone). Mr Han''s acting in ep8 is mind-blowing. That being said, I believe DCG is clean. He's all secretive and calculative now because of the trauma in the past, not because he has some dirt to hide. About Ms.Jo. I believe she's innocent but her "boyfriend" is different story. I thought it was weird the first time the "boyfriend" called her in ep2. Same concern as Jaesik as the boyfriend called again in ep 5. Then in ep8 that camera focus on her table with pics is so fishy. I suspect that they want to tell us that there's something more behind the picture ( both straight words and metaphorically) just as when GY revealed that him and his dad were in the pic with his mom. My theory is that the boyfriend had something to do with the incidence of her losing evidence to the a murder case back when she was in the forensic department. The case might or might not relate to this whole mess at the corruption squad but it provided a reason for her to quit and move to her current position. And the boyfriend still continues monitoring things here. So many times people got killed because YG called her for help. In short, she's not aware that she's manipulated. That's what have to say for now and it's too long already. I'm really enjoying the drama. It's really good and it's my type. Not typical procedural investigation series but more of a psychological thriller. Everything is so subtle and nuanced that requires extra attention. Plus ahjussi HSK, he's perfect, especially in roles that highlight subtle expressions. Cheer!
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