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  1. I agree with this. I remember Min's conversation with HGR about how he doesn't agree with everything going on. With Prince Dowon he saw someone for the first time not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. He canceled the ritual ceremony and berated the officals for giving up and actually went to see the people. Then he finds a solution and actually gets it done on himself first, even though he could potentially harm himself, so the people would be at ease following suit. That's someone he can respect and get behind.
  2. Finished the last episode and I love this budding bromance between Prince Dowon and Min. Seems that they are setting them up to become allies. Honestly another strong episode. The ending scene was powerful. The king sent him because he thought he could control him but instead Prince Dowon became his own person. And you see the difference from earlier when he said he couldn't write anymore to now seeing the steel and determination in his eyes. Loved it and this character development.
  3. No problem I'm not sure what the searchlist you are referring too is so I can't say. Ugh it's getting so good. Not a lot of storylines but still so much we don't know. I have seen those yet. But they'd be so cute.
  4. 5.6% is actually Thursday It went up from 4.5% the night before. It keeps coming in first so haters can hate it doesn't mean people are going to stop watching or new viewers won't check it out due to good things people are saying through word of mouth I saw a tweet where someone was saying people in their class were saying good things about the show so it seems the people saying the bad things is the minority.
  5. I have a feeling ratings will start going up. 5.1% is the highest rating for the show for first part on Wednesday nights so I find that encouraging. And yeah Eunwoo has haters, no matter what he does some people will never be satisfied, best to ignore them. If they're watching live I thank them for their view Yes and international fans do like this
  6. I'm curious about that too because we know Ho Dam was a real person because of the gravestone. But didn't the deposed king take an interest in Mo-hwa? So maybe he was learning about the western world from her? But the cp seemed he didn't want LR to read it. I'm so confused lol. I guess well know more tomorrow. I thought Eunwoo did a good job moving between his childish and naive character to a more mature and angry one. I can't wait for tomorrow to see him lead by example and get the vaccine. I'm not sure what Prince Dowon's relationship to Mo-hwa is but isnt she married to Sam-bo so its possible they've seen each other before. Although a theory going around is thats his mother. I'm curious as to why the second state councilor wants to get rid of him. Is he the person behind the coup and the now king was influenced and poisoned by him? Im really happy with how the show is progressing.
  7. Oh yes i really appreciate that too. I know people want him to grow up and he will. Its just not going to happen overnight.
  8. So I think Mo-hwa's reaction at the end supports my theory that LR does indeed look very much like his father, I'm guessing he's a spitting image because in his dream its him that is killed. That would also explain why no picture of him exists in the historical records or why he can't go to celebrations with the royal court. The other theory is that Mo-hwa is his mother but the queen said he's legitmate so that's doubtful. Also I'm curious about the Queens intentions for LR. Why release the book now? The way she threatened the king and sent mo-haw to protect him...yes she's his grandmother but it seems like it goes beyond that. Does she just want to overthrow the now king and second state councilor, who seems to have an a strong influence over the now king and may have been the brains behind the coup, or does she want LR on the throne as he is most likely the rightful heir? Loved to see how he handled his first official business as prince. He really shocked them all. Really love how theyre handling his maturity. Its not realistic that even though he's shedding his naivity and childishness that it would be gone overnight so of course some of it would still be there. Can't wait to see him evolve even more. Histotian Min's line was quite comical too. Loved the scenes between LR and HR. They bring out different sides of each other. Give me more of that.
  9. Yep. I don't think they'll be any animosity between them. And I'd love to see Yi Jin involve Yi Rim just like before, except not tell him to back off because it's too dangerous, for Jin to see him as a grown up and not a little kid anymore. They can stage a coup of their own. I'd love to see Min and the other historians involved-at least in the recording of the events . Yeah I'm sure she didn't want LR to be in danger and I can't imagine it coming out before and them not being able to understand or do anything about it. I would think she had them the whole time cause I can't think that the now king wouldn't have tried to destroy the records.
  10. And this is exactly what I don't want, but I dont think that will happen, because I dont think LR and the CP be at odds w/ each other over the throne because I don't think LR is someone who is going to want the throne. And I think the CP and LR will have solidified their common enemy as the king and unlike before this time LR will fight back. Honestly what I think is going to happen at the end of the series is that LR grows worthy of the crown, but then he refuses it in favor of his brother/cousin and he goes off somewhere w/ HR. All I feel that LR wants is to belong and I think he'll find its with HR. Also does anyone have any theories on why the story of ho dam is being released now 20 years later? Do you think this has anything to do w/ LR's age? Or maybe the Queen Dowager just stumbled upon the records? Maybe the Queen Dowager always had the records, but put off releasing them to protect LR but now that he's at least 20, she figures she can release them now. I'm really curious about that.
  11. Thats interesting because Eunwoo posted photos of him at his food truck on twitter and people thought he was wearing blush but another person pointed out they it looked like bruises on his face...wonder if the two are connected.
  12. I find it refreshing that they did a complete swap of gender roles. Lee Rim is the damsel in distress. Honestly Eunwoo is playing his character to a tee. People just have preconceived notions based on them thinking its a straight up historical drama or what their idea of a male lead is supposed to be. In other words theyre not used to his character or at least that character being the male lead. And I have no doubt hell get where they want to see him if people are patient. You're right those two actors really fit their respective roles and I honestly can't imagine either of them playing Lee Rim or their characters being the leads instead because of how this is set up. I feel Lee Rim is the male lead because his character is central to the political plot and that's why the other two are more 2nd and 3rd male leads. This is Lee Rims coming of age story.
  13. HR said she had small pox when she was little so maybe that's what she is referring too. I would love to see interactions between LR and the queen dowager. But we've only gotten one scene w/ her and the crown prince. I'm not sure if LJ knows as im not sure his age at the time. But I'm curious about HR's brothers involvement as he seems really close to the second state councilor who said I've seen what you're capable of at your lowest. And what about his relationship with mow-ha? And what about HR's parents? There arent many storylines but there's still so much to discover.
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