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  1. After watching till esp 8 and reading some of the latest comments, I am thinking of the clues that lead to Advisor Han being involved in the bombing: - His photo with a sick child? is definitely a question mark that remains unanswered - He was the one that gave president park the idea of hiring oys. - He was adamant about not issuing the executive order. He threatened to resign but underestimated park. - He somehow (I forgot how) managed to escape from being in the National Assembly building that afternoon- thought he ought to be since he was the chief Sec. - Assuming the plan was for all in cabinet to be dead but he didn’t expect for park to be sacked by president Yang and lead to park escaping the bombing. If all in the cabinet were to be dead , who will be next in line according to the korean’s constitution? Maybe that will be the clue as to who is involved ? But part of me wish it’s not him. We don’t need the typcial villain looking guy to be the real villain.
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