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  1. Search for the best offers in anything. Read reviews, ask for testimonials. For instance, I was looking for final expense insurance and after reading many reviews I found InsuranceForFinalExpense and it turns out to be the best when it comes to quality/price ratio. The same goes to other services, goods, and so on.
  2. I'm reading A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss. It's a very interesting book. Also, I'm reading articles and reviews on writing services. I found recently a uk assignments review. I'm thinking of using such services but I try to find the best.
  3. I don't have children but nephews and they really like playing outside (football, basketball, etc.) and also video games. I even want to buy them a new case for PC for them. Thankfully, there are lots of reviews like this one so I won't make a mistake.
  4. I'm subscribed to many beauty blogs on Instagram. There are so many of them and the way they make content is actually different. By the way, did you notice the increasing amount of instagram story views on your profiles? As far as I understand it's a new way to promote your blogs.
  5. I like tm inglot lipstick. Not the most affordable but I can't help it. Although now I'm spending my money on skin. I have some issues with it. I found a review of Plexaderm and I hope it'll help me to deal with puffiness.
  6. I happened to travel on a cruise ship but I think it's not the same as living in a boat. Although, it's still hard. In case of emergency, you have very few ways to escape it. And not all people can resist seasickness. I happened to live in an RV though and it was hella fun. I had to concern myself with an RV insurance but it's not a big deal. And I bet it's much more enjoyable than living on a boat.
  7. The only sports I play are billiards and bowling. But I adore American football and I can't imagine my life without it. Is there anyone who loves American football too? Who do you root for?
  8. I'd say Red Velvet - Peekaboo. I can listen to it on repeat. Although lately, I don't listen to K-pop a lot. I try editing and uploading videos on Youtube, and the thing is most of the K-pop songs are copyrighted and I can't use them for my works :c That's why I listen to different songs on soundhills.com because they are copyright free. By the way, you mentioned lots of awesome songs
  9. Thanks for your recommendations! I don't watch a lot of cooking blogs but now I will do it definitely. I remember I even tried to start my own youtube blog about food. But it wasn't successful. I should have used services like YTools to get some views and subscribers at the beginning. I believe it helps to promote effectively. But now I don't have time for it.
  10. Parental control filters are quite reliable. Although, they are not the most effective. If you want to keep your children safe on the web (and offline actually) it's better to use special apps for it. Take a look at this one ..,....,Besides location tracking, you can control apps, check messages, read them, monitor calls. Quite useful.
  11. I've always wanted to visit the United Arab Emirates. It's a very interesting country. Even ..... t is majestic. After all, they have lots of money and they build outstanding buildings. But I've visited Israel before and as far as I'm concerned I won't be let in the UAE. But I hope I just misunderstood something and there are no restrictions.
  12. Next summer my friends and I are planning a trip to Europe. We want to travel from Bratislava to Venice on foot. It won't take lots of time and it won't be hard (I heard testimonials about this travelling route). We've already chosen a decent lightweight cot, tents, flashlights, and other equipment. Now we have to plan the route thoroughly, consider each stop, choose hotels. I hope it will be awesome.
  13. There were a lot of positive moment at college and sometimes I want to go back there. Nevertheless, there is a thing which upsets me and this is a number of essays. I have to visit My assignment writing website too often. But at least the service is affordable enough so I was able to order all the important and time-consuming tasks.
  14. My friends think that writing is a good way to memorize something. I partly agree with it but not completely. Formerly I often wrote and not I don't write at all, I order papers on https://edureviewer.com/services/essaypro-com-review/ and my memory hasn't changed
  15. So, if you are asking this question you don't have any chances, dude. But look at the writing services https://paidpaper.net and maybe there you'll find where to buy a good writing work
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