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  1. I think love is a complex thing. Especially the relationship between NQ, SS, and MS. Ning Que does like MS like a crush. MS is basically his ideal woman after all. Gentle, intelligent, devoted and beautiful. And they have the same hobby. But Ning Que's true love has always been SangSang. If you compare about it, regarding Sangsang, Ning Que never hesitate to kill anyone who try to threaten her and separate her from him. In regards of MS, if SS does not encourage him to destroy the engagement, he wont do it. I think the line where he says that he does not care if everyone hate Sangsang, and he does not care about his own life just to stop Sang Sang from going away from him is saying a lot.I don't think he will do the same for MS. Ning Que is a person who always act on his impulse and selfish because its the only way to survive. He is greedy but he does not push to go over the line. At least he is not forcing his way to have them both. by the way, if you are looking at wuxia online, they continue the translation
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