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  1. About chocochip, not only is it behind her neck where it’s not too noticeable but psj also towers over her with their height difference. Not like her neck is eye level to him. He obviously is a close observer.
  2. @twoparkcouple sitting in own chair but pmy keeps leaning towards psj?? there must be some sort of magnetic force between them
  3. @twoparkcouple omg it’s getting hot in here!! i’m so envious of you haha. how long is the actual bts?
  4. @twoparkcouple I’ve waiting all day for you! Really made my day. Can’t thank you enough!
  5. Can’t get over the neck kiss. No matter how much I think about it, unless it’s written specifically in the script (which I doubt), all the body movements, wild hands, gestures etc. are purely psj and not lyj. Yes it’s acting but at the same time it’s not either, if you know what I mean. So yes I mean the hip thrusts, up and down body movements, hand placement, the whole nine yard. Cute for psj to acknowledge their ideal height difference and how beautiful pmy was. She really was beautiful during the wedding (granted, she’s always beautiful but especially this scene). From following psj, he isn’t the type to gush about his counterpart for the sake of fan service/promotion so that’s why I take his words seriously. Dying to to see all these sweet scenes...
  6. @twoparkcouple thanks so much for being so generous and sharing with us the details. you have no idea how much this made my day. i personally thought the WWWSK team were already giving with the bed scene as it was rather lengthy but surprised and happy they gave more. please continue to share with us.
  7. That’s true. We won’t find “clues” but just looking forward to them having fun together on set.
  8. Usually dvds include bts, ng, interviews, commentary, scenes that didn’t make it, etc. A lot of goodies!! I’m envious just at the thought of those of you who purchased it. Does anyone know whether parkpark recorded a commentary? I’m not sure I ever saw that being mentioned.
  9. The news reporters who carefully dissected parkpark’s answers regarding their dating rumor even said they were vague. Both of them, who in the past, never hesitated to firmly deny their rumored relationships or the possibility of a relationship blossoming between a respective costar answered vaguely this time. And all those “coincidences” (if they’re really coincidences) are enough to rule the universe is conspiring them to be together. Pmy has worked with multiple actresses in her career yet she becomes extra chummy with Jinjoo who’s psj’s classmate/close friend. Another coincidence?
  10. I’d love to join the private chatroom but I totally understand everyone’s intention to carefully vet each member to ensure only real shippers are granted access and of course there’s no stronger validation then members who have been here long. Whatever the case, I’m just happy to be on here with likeminded individuals sharing love and support for our favorite couple. In time when the restriction is lifted, I hope someone is kind enough to share the sweet bts online.
  11. yea it’s best they take it slow and don’t rush things. before I’d be a greedy shipper and want marriage quickly assuming that’s the end result but it has been proven real quick that divorce can still happen. in fact that’s more painful than never knowing the real status of a couple you ship. so I want them to explore all aspects of their lives and values and if in the end they’re 10000% sure they want each other then they will settle down. never too late.
  12. @bb_pp_66 don’t be so hard on yourself. in fact your posts really made my day and got me giddy. I guess rules are rules and it can’t be helped. although I am curious as to why such restrictions does not apply to Chinese viewers? correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they share the contents on weibo? on another note, are any of you planning to go watch psj’s movie? it doesn’t come out in the states until August but I plan to go to support him despite it looking kinda scary.
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