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  1. Yesssss. I LOVE Tang Wei. My absolute favorite. Wow I was thinking that the other day, how much I want to see the two of them act together. Can you imagine the explosive intimacy scenes? (If anyone has seen Lust Caution, you know) It is truly an art for the both of them.
  2. Hah, ain't that the truth. Money does make the world go round, whether we like it or not. Oh btw, I looked up what you mentioned about his other drama. Must have just been announced. Very curious to see what it will be. I wonder if there's romance. The female actress that's listed as the other lead (Chun Xia) is much younger than him. Is he just bound to play the Uncle-type?
  3. Oh see... I LOVED Moyuan. He was my weak spot. Didn't care for Yehua much. Probably why TMOPB was never really my cup of tea. I had second-lead syndrome the entire time. You can imagine my excitement for L&D when it was initially announced, it was because I thought they were making a story for that other God of War who never got any action.
  4. Oh, I bet. I'm so glad people aren't sleeping on this show in China, though it's still vastly underrated internationally. But what's the probability of something like that actually happening as a result of fans encouraging them? (This is a serious question btw, since I'm not that familiar with how things work in the c-ent industry.) It would be so awesome if they were that responsive to fan requests. Though I imagine the hype for another colab must have been just as strong after TMOPB ended, but Mark Chao and Yang Mi aren't teaming up again anytime soon.
  5. I bet somebody on the writing team felt bad for Moyuan and found some inspiration
  6. Haha, I totally get your sentiment. I'm in the midst of withdrawals too. But do you really want to see a sequel to L&D? I thought it ended beautifully. I feel like a sequel would not only be unnecessary but may ruin the effects of the first. I mean, what other problems do our leads need to be put through? On the other hand, if this had ended tragically or with an open ending, then I could see the possibility for continuation. But even then, I remember when they made a sequel to the ultra-popular Scarlet Heart (*spoiler* it was a sad ending)... oh boy...... that was a colossal mess. I would love to see Ni Ni and Chang Chen take on more historical dramas, which I can definitely see happening. Although knowing Chang Chen's style, it'll probably be more serious stuff. I'm sure we'll see Ni Ni in more romances in the future, her star-power is explosive at this point.
  7. I'm gonna guess that the reason we even have Love & Destiny is due to the positive reception of TMOPB. The team wanted to make a follow-up but couldn't exactly make a sequel to Yehua and Bai Qian's story since there would be no point. So they crafted a spin-off. Plus, the chance of getting top stars like Yang Mi, Mark Chao, Ni Ni, or Chang Chen to commit to sequels of this kind is like zero to none. Our only hope is that the same team will continue to make dramas of this quality and make the same superb casting choices. Although, L&D is definitely one of those rare cases. I would be shocked if we get another drama from this genre with such high quality acting from BOTH leads anytime soon.
  8. Wow. This is lovely. Girl, you can have my job. Exactly the kind of bittersweet angst I was envisioning.
  9. Ok, i may have jumped the gun too soon on that prediction... now that i'm seeing that gif @BaiZiHua posted of LX running out for a (probably) revived Jiu Chen. Aish, if they're gonna pull the same sacrificial crap, they should at least reward us with a longer reunion. But I highly doubt that. Gotta get some ice cream AND a bottle of wine to wash down my tears this weekend.
  10. I'm back, but I still haven't watched those two episodes! (think i might save them for this weekend and binge all 4 of them. Is it weird that I'm feeling inclined to hold off on watching because I don't want it to be over?? ) My heart is so full from reading of all your posts though. And I did spoil myself a little by watching the preview for the last 2 episodes... Girls, I think we were wrong! They're definitely not gonna separate at all! Bless these writers, they're about to give us something very satisfying and rare: TEAM WORK in a relationship. If this turns out to be the case, I think I can call this drama one of the best romances I've seen come out of Asia. Also, this thread is like the best ever too, everyone is so lovely. Sexy Uncle and Little Bird tribe Oh yeah, and thanks for all the brilliant FF ideas and interview translations. Hahaha, the visions are all rolling around in my noggin'! If it happens, I'm thinking it'll be a story that overlaps two different perspectives - real-world Chang Chen and Ni Ni and their characters JC and LX. It'll shuffle back and forth between their BTS romance and the retelling of some parts of L&D.
  11. Omg I’m so busy at work but had to take a quick peek here on my lunch break. This thread is blowing up, but I can’t look, it’s like a mine field here!! I’m so scared to stumble on spoiler clips, I still haven’t watched today’s episodes yet! You guys are really roping me into this FF business, aren’t you? if I do it, I’ll need some help! I’m not sure I understand what entails a private group. I’ve published on wattpad before and if I do write, it would probably be through that avenue.
  12. @CatWhiskers Darn, sorry I don't have another link for you. Wish you could see it, it's so stinking cute. And here's that family photo you mentioned. I'm puzzled. This can't be the ending, because why would they spoil it so openly like this..... Boy, they're being awfully generous today. The amount of fluff we'll be getting in these 2 episodes might just make up for every gut punch they've ever put us through.
  13. That's the spirit. We'll get through it one way or another. This is what fandoms are for
  14. yeah, but only to have her throw it back in his face like "why do I have to be your wife?" I've given up with her.
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