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  1. @twoparkcouple hi, just curious about the car scene in ep. 16, where LYJ and KMS calling each other married man and woman, is there any commentary about it?.. is that also an adlib?.. Love to hear their thoughts about it,. TIA
  2. how about the scene where LYJ is calling KMS his girlfriend in the street??.. is that also an adlib??
  3. true, but maybe psj needs to try other genres.. he's a good actor.. he can do better other than romcom..
  4. obviously, psj loves staring at pmy.. i can imagine pmy's smile after hearing that line from psj.. thank you for sharing
  5. i do hope so, their wedding will be as perfect as the scene in wwwsk.. anyways, i am so happy fans sent gifts for pmy and psj.. wwwsk is really well loved, daebak!
  6. @jingjaja better refrain discussing about the contents or details in the dvd as it is written in their rules.. we need to follow it, this forum is public so we can be reported anytime.. let's just respect their rules, we had given so many chances to buy the dvd but we decided not to buy it for some personal reasons, lets just give the benefits to those who bought it,. i really wanted to watch those heart fluttering bts scenes just like you guys.. but rules are rules.. besides, we still believe PPC is a real thing.. Fighting!
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