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  1. I wish LJD ressurrect and stay alive, really, its so unfair to him to be doctor frankenstein’s toy.
  2. Hi! I’m currently reading the chapter of the book that shows LJD and Dijun backstory and I must say
  3. I didn’t read the book, this is from the spoilers people gave from the book and Dijun backstory with Mosha.
  4. The lamp is a huge giveaway that he loves her, but his reaction also shows that he didn’t know it himself. I see him as a very tragic character rather than a villain. He said he was betrayed in the past, I wonder if he means he felt betrayed when Mosha rebelled against heavenly realm or when the God of War killed his fiance’s family. He sacrificed Mosha to fulfill his duty with the heavenly realm, then he sacrificed his love for the God of War for his duty again when he had to marry the other girl to keep the realm safe. He couldn’t love her but he can’t let her go too, for me it’s really
  5. I’m the only one that still don’t hate HC? He reminds me of Night God from Ashes of Love.
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