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  1. I felt the same with Gong Yoo in Goblin’s finale. Those ending scenes filmed early unveil flat, in my opinion.
  2. “Saudade” is such beautiful and complex word, as Portuguese native speaker I can say it’s a lot more complex than that because it’s actually a feeling and for such to have a word for this feeling, psychologists say that it makes us more melancholic than normal. We have lots of songs with this word and is actually more like “nostalgia” than “miss you”. Nostalgia you also feel melancholy when you miss the past. Saudade is when you feel melancholy for missing someone.
  3. Watch the stream was even better because the ost during Choi Jin Woo fanmeeting was the original from Stairway to Heaven, and on Netflix the ost is different probably due to copyrights ban.
  4. Yes, that’s what I thought. But It doesn’t explain why everything is so different in demon helm and why some characters seem young. Looks like it is before TMOPB, not after, thus, Bai Qian and YeHua wedding. Anyways, I give up and will just watch ignoring the timeline. Thank you all for the patience
  5. But didn’t Bai Feiju borns when Bai Qian had already grown up? Sorry is not that I want to see the TMOPB story in Pillow Book, is just that I got confused with the timeline and where to place things in my head.
  6. Hi! I’m a little lost in the chronological time here, does Bai Qian is missing around this time? Dijun is still the Emperor? No Moyan or YeHua in this world?
  7. Sorry to cut your post! Well the answer for your questions is actually in the epilogues. As for JH and SD relationship the scene at Switzerland tells you about it, they were engaged by the family without barely knowing each other. In the same trip JH get to know Seri trying to kill herself and saved her. That’s why he knew she wasn’t a spy in NK. And after that, he needs to save her because all his team got caught doing prohibited things when they should protect the border. JH first hides her for this reason, but after that he actually falls for her. And he only agreed with marring SD to get his father help for Seri. SD is a strong woman, beautiful, educated that can find real love, but pursuing a man who never loved her, as she knows it, and make his father obligate him to marry, always manipulating the events to get him do what she wants is not the right approach and won’t get his love. But the writer hinted some character development too, the rooftop scene she shows that she actually doesn’t know how to seduce, how to behave, the right approach. Seems to me that’s her standard way to deal with things in her life and she thought it was the same with love. The second male lead opened her eyes a little, and she showed genuine interest in learn, so I think that’s still hope for her.
  8. I think the scene when JH cries in the preview is misleading. I believe it’s from the past, when he received the news of his brother’s death. And Seo Dan mother is a widow, from her uncle reaction after they settled the wedding date “You finally did it” I believe it’s just a convenient marriage even for her, I don’t think she likes him at all. It’s just a spoiled girl hurt because people in the town saw her “fiancé” with another woman.
  9. This writer speciality is the jealous 2nd female lead. And I don’t think saying that she repeat elements is bad for the writer, once she’s the best at it, it’s like her signature: epilogues, beer and chicken, fashion clothes, funny female lead, hero male lead, jealous female second lead. I don’t care, it’s the perfect mix for me, I love her dramas.
  10. Its me or JH became very distant after the “heart” incident? He was so cold during the train trip, before the camping. Maybe giving her the cold shoulder thinking she doesn’t like him in that way?
  11. Deep inside JH already loves Seri. He is risking his life to send her back because he knows that’s better for her and because she wants it. That’s true love, unselfish love. He only hopes she can be happy and safe, it doesn’t matter if he will never see her again. I’m already emotional for them. “So you want to go back because of men?” Jealous JH
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