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  1. She actually started out as the "righteous" version. She got her son arrested in her original world (even World A chief covered up for her son), but when he killed himself, she regretted it and she jumped worlds. In the other worlds, her son was always in prison and was always committing suicide. World B is the only place where he is alive but was doing murders. I am not a mother, but I think I can also feel for what she went through. She was thinking that sending her son to prison would kill him, so she was willing to cover for him. Watching her son die several times must have really broken her heart, plus her brain disease might have made her a bit crazy by the time she got to World B.
  2. Ratings were not good so no possibility... and the story has really ended already I do want a reunion for the leads and maybe even with the director and writer, I want them to have a hit together Anyway, the last BTS maybe:
  3. Another sad thing about this drama not being so popular is that we dont get subbed behind the scenes and interviews. It's a minor thing, I know, haha. But the few subbed ones we got, I find it funny how kyung soo jin does not back down from yoon shi yoon, she calls him out when he stutters or when he's saying something too weird (like praising her). It's quite refreshing because in the other interviews I've seen yoon shi yoon in, he is always the one being too playful and funny. But in the behind the scenes for Train, it looked like soo jin was having fun at his expense. Oh well, I'm still on withdrawal. I think I think I need to block this page for me to move on. haha
  4. Merging fates is scary, but romantic. Seo Kyung willing to be stabbed over and over again to be with Do Won. Yeah, scary Here is the final BTS is suppose, ah. So sad
  5. @Happy Sheep might have covered some of this already but I will also take a shot The ending. I think Seo Kyung was just fetching Do Won from World B. Do Won left world B because he thought his fate is to get her killed, but Seo Kyung has realized that is not the case. His fate is to always save her. The worlds are different but I think that is a similarity that Seo Kyung realizes. In World B, Do Won B saves her on the night with an umbrella. But after that, DW B no longer appeared in her life and she lived a hard one. Do Won A on the other hand, was always saving Seo Kyung. Saved her from the Train tracks when they were teenagers, saved her from a miserable life from her step familiy. When he gets to World B, he saves her from committing suicide at the warehouse again, he saves her from Oh Mi Sook and he saves her from the stabbing incident. (Seo Kyung A dying was an anomaly caused by the interference of Oh Mi Sook Z so her death is not an original fate). Thus, it establishes that there should be no fear going back to B. From the various forums I've visited, it seems that the consensus is that each of our worlds are conected to just another one. Mukyeong Train 8510 connects A to B and B is connected to C. The exact mechanics was not revealed, but it seems that the world you can travel to is somehow similar to yours, thus allowing you the illusion that you can change your fate there. Also, you can travel as long as one other train is working on the world you are connected to. There was no A train, but B train was working so you can travel between A and B. When B Train was scrapped, C Train was still working so it was still possible to go between B and C. Our characters only know of the 8510, thus, when it was scrapped in both A and B, they assumed that World A is now blocked to B (thus, Do Won cannot come back, which is why he was going to suicide instead). DK and SK were not related to the Train at all. The portal exists and can be discovered by anyone who is desperate and got nothing left to live for in his world, a.k.a, those who go to the Train tracks to commit suicide. That is why the Train Station is not random. (I think it could be possible to also find a portal in any other place frequented by people who want to die but that is just me. I think the negativity in the place turns it into a CURSED area like Oh Mi Sook said, and it gives you the illusion that you can get a second chance in another world when in fact it is just punishing you for your greed --- this is pretty far off but I like the idea of turning this from sci fi to supernatural). The psychiatrist was an illegitimate child of a married man. That is all I know, haha. I did not linger in their storyline too long. I actually found the whole drama to be very romantic, which made it stand apart from the other murder mysteries I've seen. The motivation from start to finish was Do Won's love for Seo Kyung and the mystery plot was very engaging, but was mostly just a device to convey what Do Won was capable of doing for Seo Kyung. Half the fun of watching this drama was discussing it with you guys. Thank you so much for the company for the endless days of waiting at the edge of cliffhangers and sharing all the tears, hope, dreams and love we have for the characters <3 Found a rare Train related interview. If this drama was more popular, we would have gotten more of this, huhu https://www.cleo.com.sg/gallery/play/celebrity/interview-yoo-shi-yoon-kdrama-train/
  6. on a personal note, I got two friends to watch Train! these people dont even watch kdramas regularly, but now they are near the end and I am watching the finale with them, although I'll be adjusting to their available time so I wont be able to watch it immediately. still, I'm happy that they found the plot interesting.
  7. awesome final twist then. she did say that we live "many" lives. the final lesson of this drama then would be not to mess with the other worlds. Do Won must learn this and must not try to go back to World B anymore. Seo Kyung can save herself. I also think that Seo Kyung A was not supposed to die because it was world skipper Ms Oh who killed her, someone not from World A. SK A would still be alive if the worlds did not get entangled.
  8. So Do Won B is gone just like that, huhu. Anyway, I'm reading through Dramabeans and got myself a last minute theory that I will copy here: World B initially interferred with World A. Body dumping happened 3 years ago. Do Won A left 3 years ago, Do Won B got addicted 3 years ago. The headaches could have also started then (they just refer to 3 years ago a lot). What if the correction is actually to go back 3 years ago. The worlds would have to unentangle themselves and undo all the consequences of them crossing together. The Train is an anomaly, without it, Seo Kyung A, Do Won B and Dad B shouldn't have died. Honestly though, I am already attached to SK B and DW A. I just love lovers with big hurdles and being trapped in different worlds and unable to see each other feels so romantic to me, so I don't want any time travelling correction to happen (coz that means they'll forget each other). There is a weird detail in World A that kinda bothers me, though. When Do Won B was in the hospital in World A, Oh Mi Sook A did not visit him? Or did she? (Well, it was also kinda weird that the hospital did not detect the drugs in his body, but oh well) And can anyone in the forum give us a slight idea of what that Marie Claire interview is about I have tried the youtube autotranslate tool but I still have zero idea what they are talking about.
  9. what's happening? why are people resigning?
  10. The did not show the DW-A and SK-B bed scene, and I'm glad they did not (and hope they wont anymore) coz I will be creeped out if I was SK-B. We have seen them inch toward friendship but not to the point of hand-holding while I'm sleeping yet. As a real life shipper though, I'm glad they made yoon shi yoon hold kyung soo jin's hand, haha. It's not yet revealed that Chief Oh is the psychiatrist's mom, but the whole Train audience already thinks so (because of the genes and motive of teasing the police). It would actually be a huge twist if she is not. I also dont understand Korean laws, there is a confession, there is the body of SK-B's dad from long ago (DWB's dad could have been killed by Park Tae Kyung's truck), so why can't they do anything? But then again, murder and assault seem to require very short prison terms (10 years for DoWon's dad? 3 years for Jin Woo?) compared to what I am used to, so maybe their laws are just different. I am just assuming that JM B is just confused and heartbroken at this point, because if I were her, I won't just allow my DW B to be classified as a John Doe all alone in that body cabinet. Maybe she is just waiting for the case to get resolved before she comes out with the revelation to everyone that Do Won B is already dead and give him a proper funeral. I am actually thinking, what if the body that Ms. Oh was bringing in the last scene is actually Do Won B and not the last victim. I think the psychiatrist wants to get caught so he probably hid the body well, away from where Ms. Oh can find and pick it up. So Ms. Oh set the warehouse on fire just to get rid of the other evidence and brought Do Won B's body to be dumped to the other world. That way, Do Won A wont have to return anymore? I dont know.
  11. The divergence actually happened 25 years ago. Chief Oh A took her son to the hospital while Chief Oh B consulted a Shaman instead. Chief Oh B learned of Black Magic. On the night of the murder, Chief Oh B performed a time travelling spell to try to stop him but her magic came up short and opened a wormhole to another world instead. Just kidding
  12. Awwww. He thinks he wont be able to save her too...
  13. Thank you for reminding me of that. Maybe she will understand. I know she is not SK A, but it could be argued that while working together, she and DW A could have developed a real connection. If DW A could stay in World B, they are a definite possibility as I do not see DW A falling in love with somebody else. SK B would feel insecure, but several years together could fix that. I am getting ahead of myself though. I still think DW A will be going back to World A for good, just so OCN could give us more angst. Hmmm, really good theory too. DW A and DW B could be getting entangled (a quantum physics concept) in that the state of DW A would change according to the state of DW B, only this time, the state is fate. With DW A staying too long in world B (and affecting the fates there), it could also be possible that he had acquired some of DW B's fate and could be bringing it over to World A, thus he could be accused of murder. We dont know what has happened in World A for a while now. The head ringing though, it seems that DW A has realized (well he could be wrong) that the ringing happens when somebody's fate is about to change in World B. The curious thing though, is that he's had that ringing even when he was in World A. Is it possible that it is not him who is causing the changes? I just want to be optimistic, because if the change of fate is tied to DW A, we have no hope for DW A and SK B, coz SK B has to die if they stay together. If it is somebody else though, it means that somebody messed up the fates in World A, leading to SK A's death, she was not supposed to die. What if Chief Oh from World B is not really from World B? What if she is from another World and she messed up with Worlds A & B because she lost her son in her original world? She did talk about "many" worlds. I know an additional world will make the plot messy, but it pains me imagining DW A has to go back to World A alone, and live forever with SK dead. Huhu.
  14. Where are these pics from? I want moreeeeeee! A lot of us wanted SK B to know already, but now that she does, I do not know what she feels. What do you guys think? If you were Seo Kyung B putting the pieces together, would feel creeped out or would your heart flutter about Do Won A?
  15. Ooooh, this is so typical Kdrama scenario and I love it!!! I want that cliche spin on this unusual story. ep 10 reaction
  16. that scene where SK B gave the dashcam to the traffic department, was it the one used to find Park Tae Kyung? I'm just suspicious of that scene in there. Could she have already identified the doctor as the killer? It would be foolish for her to meet with him alone, but as we know from SK A, our Seo Kyung's can be careless. and the headaches that do won A has been getting. he's been getting those even while he was still in world A... and they are starting to sound a lot like the beeps of those life support machines. don't pull a life on mars please. and it was not obvious on the first watch, but I now think that SK B knows that she is the one DW A loved. her questions on that phone call were too leading. and chief mom B, she could have killed SK A. her reaction when they met each other at the office can now be interpreted that way, why she was curious about her. new episode, new theories. most of these will be proven false by ep 10, but guessing is still fun to do.
  17. https://twitter.com/OCN_ORIGINAL/status/1290452393277239297
  18. They showed it in the previews but cut it in the actual scene, same thing with DW A trying to touch SK B's strangulation mark, that was also cut. But DW B saying "I wanted to see you" was so hot, right?
  19. Yup, I have not gotten enough of this yet. I want to keep on watching it until the end of the year. Just another random out of this world theory. Do Won asked "what were the victims doing on the day that they died?" What if they all went to Church? The Pastor died 3 years ago, the killings started 3 years ago. They kept on showing the contrast of the church from World A and World B. And what happened 3 years ago? Both Do Won's seem to have broken down from that time period. DW A disappeared after rejecting SK A, DW B got involved in drugs and broke things off with JM B.
  20. Yup, the psychiatrist had the pill bottle 12 years ago already, thus, his disease would be carried over by both split worlds... but then, what if the split was not brought about by DW's choices? what if the split occured from the choices of the psychiatrist? I read a theory that dumping the bodies to World A was supposed to be revenge for Seo Kyung, but what if it is actually revenge for the Psychiatrist in World A? But then he would not be surprised by the 2 Do Wons, my head is spinning hahaha
  21. I love that I get a new theory every episode, I really like the writing. In Ep 7, they got us all excited about DW A vs DW B. I actually thought the story would focus on the dilemma of who has better right to stay in which world. We love DW A but DW B has more claim to World B, so how will the drama settle that? So at first, I was lightly disappointed when they killed off DW B. But after a re-watch, I think the writers are driving to a different point, and this is fate. DW A was the one who crossed over to World B, and in effect, he was bring over his fate to this world. DW B actually said this to SK B, they were not supposed to meet but DW A messed it up. We see DW A change the fate of Jin Woo (he set him on a path to reformation), Sung Wook (he became mentally disabled again), and his dad (ran over by a car again instead of dying from the liver disease). DW A's presence made the forked railway converge, and converge to his path, thus, even eliminating DW B. So my new end game theory after Ep 8 is that the dilemma would be, if DW A stays in world B, SK B would have to die too, because she died in World A. Both fortune and misfortune must spill over to World B. So DW A would have to go back to his world if he wants to save her. But I love the writers so much so far, maybe they'll show something different for Ep 9. (I still kinda wish they can also give us an alternative universe Train drama where we get a DW A vs DW B showdown, but this show is saying be careful what you wish for hehe)
  22. my money is still on Jae Hyuk being the killer, we are just on ep 8 and the psychiatrist already broke down his facade, hahahahha
  23. I am actually glad they are touching on that subject. Having only lived in one world, I can't find any justification for DW A to stay in World B after the killer is found. He does not belong there. Emotionally though, he is already dead in World A. He has nothing to go back to there. The only logical conclusion for his character is to die. Still, a multi-dimensional hopper more familiar with these cases could give a different answer, hehe. Another world was raised on the earlier comments here, and with the step-brother's pronouncement that it was Do Won who killed, I would say, a Do Won C is a possibility, but can we deal with that in Season 2 please. 5 episodes wont be enough. Act 2 is looking like it would be DW A vs DW B (vs DW C ?????) Another thought popped into my mind though, what if JM B dies? A switch could be possible then? DW B's dad is about to die in World B, so he may not have a reason to stay anymore.
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