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  1. They showed it in the previews but cut it in the actual scene, same thing with DW A trying to touch SK B's strangulation mark, that was also cut. But DW B saying "I wanted to see you" was so hot, right?
  2. Yup, I have not gotten enough of this yet. I want to keep on watching it until the end of the year. Just another random out of this world theory. Do Won asked "what were the victims doing on the day that they died?" What if they all went to Church? The Pastor died 3 years ago, the killings started 3 years ago. They kept on showing the contrast of the church from World A and World B. And what happened 3 years ago? Both Do Won's seem to have broken down from that time period. DW A disappeared after rejecting SK A, DW B got involved in drugs and broke things off with JM B.
  3. Yup, the psychiatrist had the pill bottle 12 years ago already, thus, his disease would be carried over by both split worlds... but then, what if the split was not brought about by DW's choices? what if the split occured from the choices of the psychiatrist? I read a theory that dumping the bodies to World A was supposed to be revenge for Seo Kyung, but what if it is actually revenge for the Psychiatrist in World A? But then he would not be surprised by the 2 Do Wons, my head is spinning hahaha
  4. I love that I get a new theory every episode, I really like the writing. In Ep 7, they got us all excited about DW A vs DW B. I actually thought the story would focus on the dilemma of who has better right to stay in which world. We love DW A but DW B has more claim to World B, so how will the drama settle that? So at first, I was lightly disappointed when they killed off DW B. But after a re-watch, I think the writers are driving to a different point, and this is fate. DW A was the one who crossed over to World B, and in effect, he was bring over his fate to this world. DW B actually said this to SK B, they were not supposed to meet but DW A messed it up. We see DW A change the fate of Jin Woo (he set him on a path to reformation), Sung Wook (he became mentally disabled again), and his dad (ran over by a car again instead of dying from the liver disease). DW A's presence made the forked railway converge, and converge to his path, thus, even eliminating DW B. So my new end game theory after Ep 8 is that the dilemma would be, if DW A stays in world B, SK B would have to die too, because she died in World A. Both fortune and misfortune must spill over to World B. So DW A would have to go back to his world if he wants to save her. But I love the writers so much so far, maybe they'll show something different for Ep 9. (I still kinda wish they can also give us an alternative universe Train drama where we get a DW A vs DW B showdown, but this show is saying be careful what you wish for hehe)
  5. my money is still on Jae Hyuk being the killer, we are just on ep 8 and the psychiatrist already broke down his facade, hahahahha
  6. I am actually glad they are touching on that subject. Having only lived in one world, I can't find any justification for DW A to stay in World B after the killer is found. He does not belong there. Emotionally though, he is already dead in World A. He has nothing to go back to there. The only logical conclusion for his character is to die. Still, a multi-dimensional hopper more familiar with these cases could give a different answer, hehe. Another world was raised on the earlier comments here, and with the step-brother's pronouncement that it was Do Won who killed, I would say, a Do Won C is a possibility, but can we deal with that in Season 2 please. 5 episodes wont be enough. Act 2 is looking like it would be DW A vs DW B (vs DW C ?????) Another thought popped into my mind though, what if JM B dies? A switch could be possible then? DW B's dad is about to die in World B, so he may not have a reason to stay anymore.
  7. Haha. I'm just tagging all possible killers I'm seeing. I just finished the episode and the preview, and wow, DW B wants to be with Jung Min B. The struggle now is which Do Won will get to stay in World B. I love the way the ended the EP 8 preview, it was menacing but it made my heart flutter. DW B recognizes DW A's love.
  8. I think it is inspector Jae Hyuk. He could have planted evidence on the car and he has a limp in World A
  9. I kinda see the ending with DW A dying and then we are shown an alternative World Z where DW Z and SK Z are happy together. I cannot get over the fact that DW A has stopped mourning SK A. I love SK B too, but I am concerned, coz DW A is just getting distracted from his real grief and it will really hurt him later on. I am also excited with people getting worried on why DW B does not know SK A. Jin Woo is already confused why DW does not remember him. I want to see DW B's reaction to the relationship with SK A. Would he think DW A is stupid for taking care of SK A? Would he be jealous that DW A seemed to have lived a happy life? Why is this only 12 episodes? I need longer scenes concentrating on the DW A and DW B's feelings and psyches. My fave alternative univ book series is His Dark Materials and that ended with the leads separating but for a noble cause. It was heartbreaking but the right thing to do, and I kinda feel that is what we are getting here on Train.
  10. I also kinda hope they show more DW B in the 2nd half. I like how DW B's impulse was to go back to World B right away while DW A strongly decided to stay. World B is more twisted, yet, the people important to the DWs are there.
  11. Random thought: DW A has gotten attached to SK B and has sort of stopped mourning SK A. The threats of the murderer has not been heeded by DW A yet, but I wonder if it will come into play. Will he protect SK B (and even DW Dad B ) instead of pursuing justice for SK A (and DW Dad A)? Anyway, is this the killer? The eyes look like chief of police mom from World Z hehehe
  12. Thanks so much!!!! I was really curious. The bgm in YSY's vid is so heart fluttering haha
  13. DW B led a harder life, he had been tagged as a murderer's son. DW A became a police officer to earn money for SK A, but I think DW B entered the force to clear his dad's name, I feel that 12 years ago, his dad might have denied getting involved in the murder but was still found guilty. I'm watching the promos and they were talking about OCN uploading videos about YSY and KSJ titled "the seniors we used to love". I can't find it on youtube. Is that in another platform? Would you guys know?
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