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  1. If CS is the reincarnation of the captain or the warrior, shouldn't he have the same face? Seeing that the princess and CS ex have the same face...so many questions lol.
  2. @lightbringer06 Agreed, MW and CS chemistry feels more like a seed that is slowly growing as the characters do.
  3. Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum and this is my first time posting but I'm enjoying the drama too much to not post and share my opinion with all of you . @Ondine @lightbringer06 I agree with your opinions 100%, I like IU chemistry with the captain, but I believe, besides this being the awesome IU and her charm to have chemistry with anyone, that it also has to do with the current situation in regards of MW punishment. I like to call this *lack of chemistry* with CS , plot development. We know MW is being punished for something she did in the past, and the fact she was in love with the captain has something big to do with it, though we still don't know why. This is being shown to us quickly and very early, hence why I believe the chemistry with the captain has been obvious for this reason since the start. MW in the past was also different, feelings wise, more open, more trusting, and so on. With CS things are different, up until not long ago he wanted nothing to do with MW and Hotel Del Luna. It wasn't until he started dreaming of her that he grew more curious and something awakened within him and compelled him to stay (I believe he has fallen but he still won't admit it). MW in the present has been in denial for over a thousand years, has grown to be angry, sad, bitter, and basically closed off to anything related to love. To me it wouldn't be logical for her to suddenly show the same feelings towards CS as she did with the captain. But IT IS happening, slowly with every chapter, this last one, chapter number 4 was huge on this regard. We've started to see a little bit more of MW defenses cracking, and CS growing more confident on his work at HDL and being around her, it is, after all as I said before, developing. And the chemistry between IU and Yeo Jin Goo is reflecting this as well, and so far, I'm loving it. Sorry for the long post, and I hope all of you have an excellent day and a short wait until the next episode!
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