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  1. Ep 33 especially was a tear jerker. Got the chance to see Ice Prince LWJ showing so much emotions. Is it me, but do they look paler? It's a strange thing to notice but I can't help it. Probably to add to the fact that they are older etc I guess.
  2. Me three, in reply to NatalieMedella and BreezeC. My reaction is so strong, I have to make the effort to pull myself away to recover a little. Every time I see them on screen together I become this screaming girl. And I'm a grown woman But every part of the series is just as gripping and engaging, I'm re-reading again just to recall all the other plot lines and details.
  3. In recent updates, the production team has revealed that they have filmed 2 special side stories this year! Follow @MoDaoVSZuShi as they translates a very nice lengthy article which also includes 20 fun BTS info. For those who can read mandarin, here's the WeiBo article . I will probably need the dictionary by my side hahaha.
  4. Yes agree that WYB Is actually a close physical match to the description in the novel, aside from his light eyes. Fanart tropes usually have LWJ in the more typical Seme look, with the height and size difference between him and WWX more pronounced. It's OK, since they existed before the casting of WYB. As the episodes go further along, you can see WYB having more opportunities to broaden his range. I find his glances very eloquent, that's incredibly difficult to pull off since as an actor he's only confined to limited use of broad and expressive facial expression and body language, to remain in character. The MV of Won't Forget 不忘 is a great compilation of all the key LWJ scenes and it comes across strong.
  5. You're right guys! Addicted was way more obvious, I was thinking more in terms of the impact it also had on the lead actors, though I think it's all quieten down now. Everyone's moved on. I'm just super anxious because I actually saw the message which was on twitter. I will try to find it if anyone wants to see it. Its a simple card with text. One point it made was avoid the hype that the show managed to bypass censorship laws by being a bromance. And NEVERending is right that the series' popularity is sky rocketing, because of the strong romantic tension and chemistry that XZ and WYB bring to their characters. But guys, I now sound like a doom - monger which is so not my original intention. My apologies. I'll go back to my ep 30 now. Had to take a break because its getting nearer to the super - angst.
  6. Yes they can. So I guess fans have to be low key about it. I think it will be risky once there's too much buzz about it being a romance between the main characters despite it being a bromance. Anyone here familiar with the situation with Addicted?
  7. I've melted. I'm bias towards Wang Yibo, he's perfect for LWJ. Thank you for the link!
  8. Since yesterday I have not been able to watch pass ep 28, I may just wait till next Monday I just cannot bring myself to endure all the pain.
  9. Yes I saw it too! It's hilarious. Yup, I don't know what to do with myself till then.
  10. It's very screamtastic, just looking at all the pics. Makes me very hopeful that the team will pull it off, conveying the significance of this particular interlude in their lives.
  11. I agree with you about the way their relationship is conveyed in the drama in very subtle ways. It's all about the looks and glances. These gestures are extremely romantic, passionate even, in some places. In Ep1, I could not breathe when LWJ grabbed on to WWX's hands when he was using the flute on Wen Ning. On the topic of fans, I've been on a "crusade" in my other comm, to encourage people to watch. So far, the feedback I have been observing and receiving is that the world building is too different, too many characters to keep track off, and the old favourite, ep 1 is confusing because of the return to Mo Xuan Yu's body. I'm thinking of creating a wiki for the series. But its a HUGE task. Unless there's one already? I know its existing for the other formats like the novel and donghua.
  12. Links sent as message. Hope I did it correctly!
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