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  1. When I'm upset, I'm trying to make myself happy so I forget about it soon, so I'm going to buy it, or I'll dress in shopping websites and order things that I like. No matter how much sad I am, I will buy more things, which will cause a torment of conscience and think of the money I spent. For example, I just fought my friend 1 month ago and I bought this bag from Mango , and now I'm sad for the money I paid, because it was very expensive.
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    Hi everyone Honestly, I have not had bb cream so far, but since I was looking for a light textured cream, one of my friends introduced me to the cc cream of the bourgeois brand. It's about 8 months now. Very good, my skin type is Combination, and for this reason did not like the T-ZONE points to be constantly greasy. I use bourgeois cc cream every day to go to work, My skin does not even scalp acne and has so much light texture that I do not feel on my skin, and most importantly, its texture is not fatty at all, I use it as a sunscreen.
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