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  1. Hi,

    Asiana kpop Australia had organised a dance competition and Pedme had took part in the competition. She has never went to a dance class before. Please have a look at her dance moves. If you think she deserve a LIKE at her YouTube video, please click like and hopefully she will win the competition.


    Pedme dance competition video, please like it


    Thank you.


  2. Hi all, my daughter have self learnt kpop and went for an audition to win a trip to Korea dance boot camp. Please watch her video and decide if she deserves a like. If you think she deserves to win please LIKE on her YouTube. https://youtu.be/FvlpWL1H8BM or or you can look out for Asiana kpop contestant 104 Pedme. I hope you find her good and click like on her YouTube. You can follow her Instagram maycb97 for more updates. thank you
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