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  1. Nice channel. The only issue is audio quality, it should be better I'd say. Louder at least. But overall, good job!
  2. I must admit that I must some nasty things but they are necessary, to my mind. I read my daughter’s Facebook messages with http://smstrackers.com/tracking-someones-facebook-messages-is-now-possible/ some people say that it is really a bad thing and parents should not be so spying but I just want to be sure that my child is safe and sound.
  3. My advice isn't the best but when you are way too stressed you can just eat it out. Like, find comfort food or beverage (better alcohol-free) which is associated with relief, relaxation and eat it (without overdoing). My fav anti-stress beverage is coffee which I make on my own. On ......you can read about a grinder I use and there is more useful information about coffee appliances. Although maybe it's not only about coffee. What also relaxes me is the process of cooking. Repetitive actions which always lead to satisfaction.
  4. I prefer not to buy jewellery only. And other accessories actually too. It's safer when you can touch it. Although, other things like bags, shoes, even coats I can purchase online. For instance, it's quite hard to find shops with high-quality handbag replicas. I read here www.mau-fashion.com/replica-handbags/ some tips on buying such bags. And getting them online is a decent option.
  5. I can imagine how it's like to live in an RV and it seems to be a nightmare to me but some people live on boats and it's just crazy, don't you think so?
  6. I am pretty surprised that some beauty-related youtube vlogs are getting amazingly popular even if the content isn't that great. Do they buy youtube views or something? I just don't understand how mid-quality content is getting really popular while the competition is so high.
  7. Just hate the fact that sometimes you need to update drivers manually because otherwise your PC or a laptop won't run smoothly. And you may face such an issue even if you have a pretty expensive model.
  8. I didn't bother when I needed a website, just hired https://www.digihorde.com/services/wordpress-development-services/ but if you want to do everything yourself, you can waste some time reading cms guides and it will help you to create a simple website which will work well and most likely satisfy your need. Anyway, I in my opinion it's just a waste of time if you don't want to become a web dev at some point.
  9. Stupeur et tremblements by Amélie Nothomb
  10. Nice one. I actually haven't expected that it would be that good cause some of my friends didn't like it at all. And I don't understand why...
  11. Just like any horror movie.. Sadly, there are only a few good ones out there.
  12. What are the significant benefits of a paid version? I am using a free one at this point and basically, I get everything I need. But maybe I just don't know about some handy features that a paid version provides.
  13. Really want to visit this place https://worldpostalcode.com/united-states/indiana/indianapolis to see the indy 500 circuit. I am not a huge fan of motorsport now but when I was a kid, nothing seemed to be more interesting than racing cars to me.
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