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  1. Hello everyone, I've just watched this beautiful Cdrama, a year after its release; I know it's a bit late, but I want to add my comment about the ending and I want to speak in favor of GQS. About the final scene between LFY and YX, I think he died of sadness and he could hug his wife because they were both souls. Maybe I'm wrong but I think this makes more sense than YX's resurrection. Does anyone agree with me? About the character of GQS, I loved him! And Merxat plays very well! GQS is a nice guy, cheerful and loyal to his friends. He isn't an idiot at all. He loves YX deeply that's why he can't give up on her and be with Yu Ze. If you love someone, you won't stop loving him/her just because you can't be with him/her. You continue to love that person, and it takes time (sometimes a long time) to get room for someone else in your heart. Therefore I agree with the screenwriters: GQS's actions are consistent with his feelings!
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