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  1. I watched the drama with plexvpn I purchased.I like it very much, the story is very interesting, and the heroine is also very cute.
  2. I watched the drama with plexvpn I purchased. I really like the love story of both of them. After separation and together, they will make their feelings deeper. Wu Qian’s acting is great.
  3. I have seen this animated version before, I feel very exciting, I am very much looking forward to the broadcast of the drama. And intend to use the purchased plexvpn to watch it.
  4. Although the protagonist of the drama is played by two young actors, they all have powerful acting skills, and the scenes and costumes are also beautiful, so I am willing to watch it on Tencent video using paid plexvpn.
  5. I really liked this drama. I watched it because I liked Ni Ni very much, but I still feel that the story is quite good. Fortunately, there is a stable VPN that I didn't drop it.
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