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  1. (Belated) Happy birthday to Kiyong! To celebrate.. I think I finished watching the whole of his filmography. He really became good through the years! Funny how Pedro was the only sane man in The Greatest Marriage. I only watched his cuts because I couldn't bear the ridiculous main plot!
  2. I keep going back and rewatching... and found 2 bgms during the Tami x Mogun scenes. Can someone help with the lyrics or something hehe! I really wanna know what it means~
  3. Guess I'm crossing the line between a casual fan and a stan. And there's no turning back haha! Finally got some new old stuff.. he was really adorable with his braces! The Ceci Campus was cute but here he's talking and all. Jang Ki Yong 5 years in the past... wow.. this is what I've been missing since then lol
  4. Ahhhhh... youth HAHAHAA His singing is so good.... can't wait to watch what he'll sing in his Japanese fanmeet tomorrow.
  5. Yey! New addition to my playlist haha I couldn't watch the whole thing attentively since I'm working, but glad kbs shared this: I love any type of music and it's one of the first thing I love to ask when I meet new people. Glad we get to know which type of songs he listens too~ I'm slowly... falling.. deeply...
  6. I was thinking what I was missing today.... turned it out it was the live stream lmao! hahaha Anyways, thanks @mademoisellesia for the full vid! I'm LOLing at him trying to mime words so it wouldn't be heard when we can all see it through the camera hahahaahah If I'm not mistaken, this is Kiyong's fave song at the moment? Or is it like his song rec hahaha! He'S SOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE SINGING ALONG huhu
  7. I watched Go Back Couple! But I feel like a fooooool because I rooted for him.. HAHAHA! That's why I don't consider it XD I first watched him in his web dramas with Dara, that's seriously boyfriend-y material esp in We Broke Up I watched My Ahjussi then after that CAHM... imagine all the pain I was in after all the heart fluttering scenes from Search:WWW. But the pain and angst was so good.... he makes it worth it haha! I am really amazed at how his gaze can say a thousand words already. Sometimes he's like a puppy you wanna pet but then he can also bite XD
  8. I couldn't shake off the softness and cuteness of his in Search:WWW! I had to watch Kill It, My Ahjussi, CAHM after all the fluff I need time to accept Go Back Couple .. and I'm scarred hahaahahah! How can he look so good in terrifying scenes and also look good in romance scenes? Looking forward to all his projects! His filmography is so diverse.. there's gonna be plenty of opportunities for him in film and series.
  9. That's true Though there's something about physical stuff, but having a digital copy has its perks too. I think they need at least 1000 pre-orders for the blu-ray in order to get the dvd going. Fingers crossed... I'm just in it for the extra stuff HAHA
  10. I really couldn't sleep because of that song hahahah! I'm so glad I found it <3 I'd Rather played during this scene: OMGGGGGGGGGGG Don't tempt me I'm waiting actually for the DVD pre-order... usually it's after the blu-ray edition pre-order, but I don't think there'll be any english subs available hahaha I'm planning to buy the OST album first, then hopefully the dvd! How about you?
  11. FINALLY FOUND IT! It's Chet Baker - Little Girl Blue The sounds team is crazy..... this fits so perfectly with Tami's situation that moment. I'm so happy @mademoisellesia It's the BGM for this scene: Lyrics:
  12. Search WWW OST is already on Spotify! 2 tracks are CD only.... one is acoustic ver. of Reaching Hand, and I want to listen to the other one huhu.
  13. Ahhhh! But I want the songs with lyrics... like the song during MoMi first dinner date haha! It's like an ambiance song... but with soft humming or whatever...
  14. Currently listening to the OST album on Melon... the chills! I love every song. All the bgms are really lovely. Tonight - 이찬동 (VROMANCE) has the piano intro of the Millim Sound game bgm. I can't believe! I thought we'll get a piano only version of that instead. Here's the lyrics if anyone wants to translate or share the gist! ^^ 천 년의 사랑 - 임하영 is the Millim Sound game bgm... all his tracks are HONESTLY GOLD. I need his music in my next drama. But still none of these.... I want these
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