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  1. Just in case if I decide to proceed a surgery I’d definitely contact your hospital, can you please share their contacts?
  2. OMG! They are beautiful! If I didn’t know you got a surgery I’d never even think they are fake. They look amazing! I think I have the same size as you before. How the recovery was like? Was it tough? Painful? Long?
  3. Yeah, I know… but I’m not married and have no kids so a possibility of breastfeeding in the future is very high in my case. I also don’t want my breasts look fake. I want very natural result
  4. I’m in my 20s and have very flat chest and that kind of bothers me and causes lot of insecurities. I’m considering any non-surgical breast enlargement like fat grafting or fillers. Or maybe there are some other procedures I don’t know about?
  5. a LOT! sometimes I want to come back and change lot of things, I think if not all at least most want to do the same
  6. I know it's too banal, but I usually got for running or to the gym it really helps to clean up my mind and come up with new unexpected and really fresh ideas
  7. my sweet Ariana Grande! dangerous woman
  8. nope, but 'd really like to... any cat or Pomeranian
  9. not food... yet the only thing that I got today was dutch americano
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