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  1. some of these scenes we haven’t seen yet but they look beautiful and painful at the same time.
  2. Yes! This! Lol she’s so shameless but so innocent at the same time. But Fang Leng eyes stole the scene here. He was so exasperated but it was a fond look. Like this girl. He wants her so badly and she’s just so casual it’s hilarious
  3. Ahh episode 17. Just watched a small clip(I’ll add it on). I died. His expression. His eyes. Also lmao love her reaction. They have fiery chemistry. He so wanted to kiss her. His eyes were so frustrated When she said sorry
  4. What episode does fang Leng remember XQ. I hate JX rn. Bloody hell they’d just started getting together.
  5. Are you talking about the previews for episode 21-24. Because I can’t find them anywhere
  6. Is the vip episodes still releasing for vip users or was that only in the first week. Because I need to watch episode 20. He finally gets his memories back and XQ IS leaving
  7. How much is the view count rn? Maybe the onslaught of episodes next week will gain more view
  8. Anyone able to translate what the question was?
  9. Ahhh so the cast has finished! I’m guessing we’ll get no interaction between WY and XZ now. Ima miss their bts moments.
  10. Guys is all the filming officially done or are the cast still filming?
  11. Flashback of what! Oh I’ve seen clips on insta showing some scenes.
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