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  1. I never thought I would find a member from Pakistan saying she wants to become a Koop idol xD But why would you ever want to go into Kpop if you’ve come so far in MBBS? It’s quite a big degree and has a lot of value. But then again I prefer passion over status. Isn’t it going to be difficult switching between profession? Kpop isn’t exactly my dream but I sort of jam to it when I’m home alone. I think you can become one as long as you’re passionate about it. (I’m sending good luck your way!) But won’t your parents mind? Especially if you’re a Muslim? I’m being truly honest but if Kpop ever debuts a Muslim girl it’s gonna be a whole lot controversial. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t go for things that are not meant for you (even though from your eyes it may seem like it’s for you) Maybe God is saving you from something. Maybe He has bigger plans for you. You’ve come this far in doing MBBS, don’t give up on medical now.
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