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  1. been his fan since Dogani, I'm happy to join this thread. Little late but still in GY birthday week. saeng-il chugha GJC. Gbu! I'm waiting new GY video from this uploader (sad there is no more). Still this is the best so far for his birthday video I found I'd like to recall can't wait his new movies, finally coming soon!
  2. seems tempting @triplem. Hope I can handle to watch Watcher too then. Should allocate more crime in time management to watch dramas. 508
  3. 504 @triplem I'm watching Search WWW & Angel's Last Mission these days, want to start Hotel Del Luna. Did Watcher give a good start impression for you?
  4. hi @triplem, thank you. SKJ in 3rd charm is precious! 502
  5. hi my name is tamee, so I would add. 500
  6. Ended lurking. I LOVE this drama! Hi all my nickname is Tamee, and funnily I'm so happy it sounds just like one of our main woman Bae Tami so I just added bae to mine hehe I hope we can get along and enjoy the drama till the end WWW: Search, joh-ahae. Hearteu
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