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  1. On one hand I really want to see more of her on screen; on the other hand I feel she may want to take time off to start a family. Whatever she chooses to do, she has my well wishes.
  2. Thank you Larus for the updates and photos. Yes, eagerly waiting for her photoshoot and interview.
  3. I want to thank all the chingus on this thread, Larus in particular, for your interesting and insightful sharing. This is the first time I watch a k-drama episode by episode, week after week, faithfully for 27 weeks. And also the first time I have participated in a forum. It has been an enjoyable and rewarding journey for me. I had picked the drama because of KSY and KHS, I want to say that the entire cast has done so well to make the drama so watchable. Despite some shortcomings, this drama has a nice message for all of us, and many warm moments. I really hope to see some awards at the KBS award event.
  4. I was watching youtube, a video by Korea Dispatch. Lee Sang Woo and cast in Garden was asked whether KSY was jealous (I read from the headlines), but of course I cannot understand what was discussed. Anyone watched the video?
  5. Wow they are still filming on the 17th. I thought they would have finished by Chuseok. Guess this is to be aired on 22nd the final final episode. I really salute the actors/actresses/crew.
  6. I would recommend Falling for Innocence (2015). The drama is warm and enjoyable. KSY's portrayal of a professional secretary is impeccable.
  7. KSY/HJH chemistry is really good in this drama. Because of the actual age gap (about 9 yrs) they made HJH look more mature eg his hairstyle. They do made a believable couple.
  8. Last nite's episode was still good. The inimitable SJ! This drama tells us that life is to be celebrated, whether you die at 60 or 80 is secondary.
  9. The PD/writer tried to use this drama to reflect some real issues. Very often people diagnosed with cancer have this debate of whether to go for chemo treatment or no treatment but instead have some quality life before they finally succumb. That's why the 3 sisters have some disagreement over to continue with treatment or not. It is very real, unfortunately. I am looking forward to the KBS awards ceremony come year-end.
  10. In last nite's (and next week's I guess) episodes, everything comes to a crunch to create the dramatic effect that the PD/writer want. A bit overdone, but like it or not, that's the way it is done in many k-dramas. Side-track, has anyone watched Falling for Innocence (2015)? I just finished the 16-episodes. It is light, and warm. Enjoyable. KSY was really sweet in this drama.
  11. Thanks ck10z for the detailed explanation. Yes, MR and TJ are cousins (father side). There are Chinese and Korean terms to differentiate father side-cousins from mother-side cousins, but not English. In Chinese culture, marriage for cousins (father side) is not allowed. Guess it is the same for Korean culture. In this instance because they are step cousins it is ok but perhaps awkward to be accepted.
  12. In my view, it is not MR and TJ problem. They are not biological related at all and therefore there is no issue. It is more MR and IS relationship. HangsungApparel being public listed, there is a moral obligation to declare mother-daughter relationship, otherwise it is as if they are deceiving the Board. As to legal obligation I am not sure.
  13. I thought IS was being too impatient and hasty, showing her cards to NHM too early. Looks like NHM and the chairman have signed a pre-nup. NHM called the reporter but had not spilled the beans yet, we will see tonight. I like that TJ decided to tell MR about her mum. No more hiding the truth, face and manage everything together.
  14. Yes, same sentiments here. It looks like the pace for the last 6 episodes (or 12 mini-episodes) will pick up judging from the loose ends that need to be tied up.
  15. Both IS and the Chairman are difficult to read in this drama. I find it difficult to accept that IS still conceded to be "exiled" to the US at this stage. And she could still think of leaving MR in the care of SJ (before she found out about SJ's illness). While IS and MR are awkward with each other it is obvious that MR is working hard to improve their relationship and treating IS as her mom. Yes, the writer is a little too kind to IS. The writer is giving her another chance "to turn over to a new leaf" by taking on the chairman and NHM (we have to wait to see how). I still wonder how MR/TJ are going to reconcile with the chairman.
  16. I think it is more likely sponsored by Tiffany. MR got a new bigger diamond ring. What happened to her previous ring that she used to wear? haha Yes, happy that IS will do more to fight, poor SJ is the sacrificial lamb in this drama. 3 more weekends to go - one on SJ's death, one to get rid of NHM and then the grand finale.
  17. I am not sure in what context TJ said that. But I dont know whether to be optimistic or pessimistic anymore. I was too optimistic with regards to SJ earlier on. Well we will find out in 6 hours time!
  18. type using a virtual Korean keyboard (eg branah.com) and use google translate. but sometimes the translation is really queer.
  19. I attempted to "googletranslate" the 3 questions to KSY Q1: what was the shoot today Q2:if you have the secret of ..? Q3: the last thing I want to tell you Not sure I got it right. Can anyone help?
  20. I read some adverse feedback from viewers on the kbs website. One viewer asked whether KBS dramas are all cancer-specialised dramas (I use googletranslate).
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