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  1. The two episodes left are the two episodes left for filming. Others are completed already. So we still have 16 episodes. It came from Hwiyoung's mom IG post. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1nX_JtJwjX/?igshid=mzlx93lfz7u3 The rating last night was 3.766% nationwide and 5.010% Seoul. It achieved its personal best rating. So i think At Eighteen is still good. The rating is good for a cable tv drama. http://stoo.asiae.co.kr/article.php?aid=57485542908 Saw this tweet from last night, At Eighteen clips are on Naver Top 100 videos. One of the drama clips was no. 1. I think this drama is well accpeted in korea. https://twitter.com/LovingOSW/status/1166028553302855680?s=19
  2. That Ep 8 first scene...Subin openly lied to her Mom in front of Junwoo...if i was Junwoo, i would consider it a red flag...why? How could she easily do that? She wasn't even sure what Junwoo will say (and we will never know ) I don't like how Romi treated her Dad, Junwoo, Subin and Pilsang. It's problematic. I haven't found any scene suggesting that i should pity her. Typical mean girl in kdrama. IMO, she doesn't deserve the love of Pilsang right now. Im curious of her redemption arc. Hwiyoung, still a jerk. At Eighteen showed us that an abused child can also turn into abuser. He is honestly gaining my sympathy in the earlier part of ep, but with ep 9 teaser, i changed my mind. I love the scenes of Subin and friends. They are like real teenager, teasing and gushing when one of their friends have crush. Its realistic for me.. Regarding the tarot card, I think Chanyeol didn't tell Subin the true meaning of that card. I looked up the meaning of the tower card and it said that it was warning - a tower that was built on false belief and lies. With the preview, who do you think lied? And Subin seems gullible enough to believe what was written in text. I wish Sanghoon to stay. There is a budding friendship between him and Junwoo...too bad it seems cut too short. Now, who will prove that Junwoo is innocent in that watch incident? Will they just leave it unresolve? Ohje and Junwoo are the cutest bestfriend scenes and also their parents. I'm still curious of Ohje's secret. Was he g*y based on previous theory or Oh Dong is his child? Don't mislead us writer-nim At Eighteen showed us three kinds of Junwoo's friendship so far.. First with his childhood bestfriend, whom he could sacrifice himself for..such a noble kind. Too bad he was gone too soon. I'm still not over with the way Junwoo portrayed his anger, his loneliness, his rage in E04...so much emotions shown in his eyes and facial expression, a very promising rookie actor. Kudos! Second was his budding friendship with Sanghoon. Like finally, he found someone who shared his frustrations of being treated unfairly, too bad it seems like he chose to leave instead of facing his issues with Hwiyoung head-on... Third is with Ohje..not yet deep imo, (though they introduced each other as bestfriend). Looking forward to how will they support each other... Gosh, seems like the first two left him...hope the third one will not. E07 and E08 showed teenage love, which is part of growing up. It made me smile, it made me scream. It's realistic, young love is awkward, naive, gullible, have lots of misunderstanding, and most teenagers hide it from parents. But they say, in real life, first loves don't usually end up together..will it be the same in At Eighteen? Btw, Junwoo is so handsome in that date. We are done with the first half. So far I'm happy with the way of direction and acting, especially the rookies...they delivered. The cinematography was very beautiful. Im curious of the second half. I hope it will still be as good as the first half.
  3. @Latte_Anyday she asked Oh-je first, during their english free talk (they are the only ones to do it) so Oh-je had no chance to say no to her infront of the class. But in Ep 5, he told his father that she's not his gf. Kitae is so selfish. Thought he will sincerely asked for forgiveness, but with what he said, if I was Junwoo, I wound not forgive him. That confrontation is one of my favorite scene...the way Junwoo delivered his line coupled with those expression, i couldn't believe this is his first drama. Really, very, very promising. I'm already looking forward to his next drama. I love the layers in Subin's character. She might appear happy and cheerful, but underlying that happy face is a student struggling with her mom. Subin scene with her Mom is so important in real life. Her Mom is busy doing things so she can enter a prestigious university but Subin knows her capacity from the start. This part shows us that some parents clamour for prestige to show off to friends and relatives setting aside the feelings and capacity of their children, thus resulting to unhappiness on both sides. Hwiyoung, I cant emphatize with him at all for now. Even his mother. The way they cover things up to keep their image, uggggh. The way he disrespect Teacher Hankyul, i don't like him more. I love the way Junwoo is doing his "revenge". He is targeting Kitae's conscience and he is getting into the nerves of Hwiyoung. Can't wait how this will progress. Oh, i love that small smirk on Junwoo after they talked in study room. I found it so cute when Subin made an impromptu confession. Their shocked faces are adorable. Can't wait for the next ep tonight.
  4. Please dont speculate. Those are delusional shippers. Not yet. Saw some "fan taken photos last night. Junwoo and Subin. Our Story is out. OST Part 2 of At Eighteen. Seongwu/Junwoo sang it. Enjoy his voice. https://t.co/nbkyONRk4B?amp=1
  5. Today #AtEighteen OST part 2 will be released. Our ML, Junwoo will sing it. His song for our dear Subin - Our Story Can't wait to know the lyrics. Isn't it sweet.
  6. @nrllee same!!!! When i first saw him in produce 101, i noticed the striking resemblance to Dylan O'Brien. I even thought he was korean-american. Seongwu is very promising. I hope he take different kind of roles in the future. His expressions and body language are so good. Even Hwiyoung is also good. He made the viewers blood boils. How can I forget Hyanggi? She's always good. She never dissappoints. I love her chemistry with Seongwu. Student casts acting are all fine. It is such a treat that i don't have to cringe. I hope it stays that way till the drama ends.
  7. Im curious of ep 5. Some fans are even speculating that Junwoo's character will turn darker...i just hope he will be clever enough in dealing with Hwiyoung, coz we know, his family is kind of influential at school. Will Kitae take the blame? After all he was the one who gave the money to those bullies. (Though we know who is the real mastermind) I pity Hwiyoung for his insecurities and home situations...but i dont want him to get away with what he has done. I hope Subin find out the truth about Junwoo and Hwiyoung real soon.
  8. @ongeverse thanks, i remember now. I hope the scriptwriter wont make Junwoo's character too dark after his friend's passing. I still want to see the cute and adorable Junwoo. I think he will be smart enough to handle the "revenge". Seems like Junwoo is a little bit indifferent to Subin based on teaser...i hope that is not the case when the drama airs. I want the two of them to develop deeper friendship..and maybe later develop into something. Im curious about Ohje's reaction since he was there when Junwoo punched Hwiyoung. Will he ask Junwoo or will he wait till Junwoo open up? I want Episode 5 to explain what really happened that led to them death of Junhoo. He was suppose to go somewhere, but why he ended up in a hospital in Seoul? I had some more questions but I'll wait till ep 5, i hope i get answers. Im excited for OST part 2 tomorrow.
  9. I read somewhere that Seongwu calls Hyanggi as Subin during filming to lessen the awkwardness since Hyanggi is a big sunbae to him. I think Hyanggi and Seongwu are no longer awkward. In the latest clips they looked comfortable... Seems like episode 5 will be more interesting. Will Junwoo's character be darker? Can't wait till tomorrow. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/468/0000543842
  10. It was a wedding photoshoot photo before he joined produce 101 and debuted as w1. You can easily find it in yt. Back then his fans accepted that it was part of his job. That cute victory dance when Junwoo found out that Subin chose him was so nice.
  11. I like that scene a lot. Junwoo and Subin were both smiling and it somehow lifted the mood of Teacher Oh after the vice principal asked him to stop because parents were complaining. I dont get it why parents had a control over the vice principal or even the school in general. JW's dream might be funny to those who dont know what he had been through. But it is not a simple as that. There is certain depth especially when he said that sleeping with the lights on makes him less lonely. Subin's dream is to "escape"... She's at that stage when she sees her mom as too controlling while her mom just want the best for her. I think they have some problem with communication and intention. Each of them has a point...if only they could talk openly and meet halfway. Been following Seongwu for quiet sometime and i agree that his fans will be cool and mature enough for a hug or even kiss scene coz it is part of his job as an actor now. Ep. 4 made me smile and cry at the same time. The first part made me smile. There is this certain attraction between JW and SB...seems like they are not yet aware but they are slowly falling...their cute interactions are easy to watch. Hwiyoung is such a control freak and overly eager to impress everyone around him even if he has to step on someone just like what he did to Teacher Oh about the budget I am also curious about Ohjae. It is interesting to see how will his character develops in the future. Junwoo and his bestfriend scenes are so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. The ending part of ep 4 is emotional and intense. The way Junwoo delivered the emotions of anger and anguish without a dialogue is very promising for a rookie actor like him. I'm not the first one to say this, but Seongwu/Junwoo had a soulful gaze that added depth to his acting. Looking forward to ep5.
  12. That is one thing that they have to address in the next episodes. I've seen some photos and infos from some fans who saw some parts of the shooting regarding Hwiyoung and his dad...but i can't say it right now to avoid spoilers.
  13. These kids...Junwoo, Subin, Hwiyoung They have so much to say...if only adults would atleast hear them out... They are all struggling inside, with different issues, but decided to brush if off and pretend to be fine though they are hurting...though they don't agree... If only adults could see through them... This drama seems light and calm, but actually it isn't. New behind the scene cuts At Eighteen Behind the Scenes Cut
  14. Hi @Latte_Anyday Sanghoon's father works at Hwiyoung dad's company. So i think his dad is looking down on Sanghoon's dad. It is not actually useless but scariest... Hwiyoung dad asked him to become beware of smart kids like Sanghoon who only got good brains because they are the scariest...just like him. He only got the brain to rely on while struggling to get up high..btw, Hwiyoung's dad is into real estate.. Junwoo's mom got pregnant when they were young...around 18 years old. His father is a coward so he abandoned them. Romi, i think will be the mean girl later on...According to character descriptions, she like whatever Subin has..and in the released relationship line, Romi will like Junwoo. Also i want to add..this drama tackled some issues subtly as expressed in dialogue like the ones below without appearing to preachy.. Junwoo about his Mom My mom is immature and young (when she had Junwoo unplanned), but she didn't run away from me, even back then when she is much younger. Subin's Mom Subin, do you have idea what a difficult place is this society for women? Do you think you can start the same starting line as men? (Sad reality, but it is true in Asian countries)
  15. Episode 1 A Nameless Kid, Choi Junwoo It is a little bit slow and had some typical school characters. It is mainly introduction of characters of course. But it ended with something interesting. I like it when Junwwo answered Hwiyoung in the last scene "Piece of trash"? Shouldn't you call yourself that?" And yes, Hwiyoung deserves that. The sceneries were beautifully taken and the bgm is so nice. One of the OST was sung by Christopher Nissen, a Danish Singer. OST Singer - Chrsitopher Nissen Ong Seongwu's acting is good, although there are some little rough edges, its ok since he is a rookie. It must have been a great pressure for him to debut as a male lead. I love Hyanggi And Seongwu's chemistry. Their short glances, flustered look. Junwoo and Subin really acted like 18 years old. Episode 2 The Moment I Want to Escape Epsisode 2 has a nice mix of cute, fun and sad moment. I find it so funny when Junwoo handed his apology letter to Teacher Hankyul with a ladybug drawing. Since he has done nothing wrong Junwoo felt that there is nothing to apologize. And when he tried to run away from Hankyul as well as their library scene. Honestly, im looking forward to their scenes a lot. Seems like Subin and Junwoo always met by "fate". I like their cute interactions. The way they deliver their lines, their exchange of smile and glances, really heart fluttering. I will skip Hwiyoung because he is two-face and scheming. A piece of trash! But it is interesting to know his story. I started to cry a lot when Junwoo's mom started to talk about Junwoo's dad. Seongwu expressed the emotions too well. And when he finally got the courage to visit his dad because he is leaving and then his dad didn't recognize him, gosh, i felt that pain in his eyes. How can his father not know him..their resemblance is so evident.. Hyanggi is a given. She always present solid acting. I know Seongwu can act decently, but he exceeded my expectations in epeisode 2. There are nuances in his acting...i love it. Opppsss, this is too long...i have so much to say, but maybe next time..
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