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  1. Most headache drama? That sounds interesting It's impossible to not love her in Ms. Temper. She's a principled person and knows how to stand up for herself. Despite her cold and intimidating exterior she's actually unselfish and sympathetic, she really cares for the company and the people around her DD, NL, ASC.. Now I know, thank you @QSD @vaiduakhu @ozge @Lilac Escarlata @Abi13 Queen Seondeok is everyone's favourite and 49 Days. I'll definitely watch all of her dramas you guys suggested. Thank you.. thank you
  2. @QSD @vaiduakhu I'm gonna be busy these coming days. I'm gonna binge-watch 49 Days, QSD and Surgeon Bong Dal Hee At first, I was charmed with her beauty the first time I saw her in Ms. Temper but she played her role well as Ok Dajung. Her acting is very natural. I'm beginning to wonder if Yowon's character and personality in real life is the same as Dajung Your Top 5 Dramas of Lee Yowon
  3. She is the Sunlight by Trading Yesterday
  4. @QSD Ms. Temper I was searching for something to watch on Netflix when I saw it. In Netflix they've called it My Horrible Boss. When i saw her, I was like, "who is she??? I haven't seen her before." Man, I can gaze at her beautiful face for a whole day. @Lilac Escarlata I haven't seen Queen Seondeok yet but I'm currently watching 49 Days also on Netflix.
  5. @Lilac Escarlata @QSD Thank you but yeah it's kinda embarrasing and weird if you're a guy and you're a kdrama addict, hehe. Some of my friends laugh at me just because I like Korean dramas and movies. I like their unique stories (definitely kdrama and jdrama are way better than Hollywood TV series)............and Korean actresses are really pretty, that's why. Lee Yowon is the prettiest
  6. Yeah, happy endings aren't realistic. I really hate those "too good to be true" kind of endings. So I also prefer tragic or sad endings. I hope you guys wouldn't mind if I join here. I wanna know Lee Yo-won more. I know all of you here are Yowon 's fans, right? Are there other male fans here aside from me?
  7. I'm in love but you don't care. A lot of people would more or less relate to this topic because I guess at some point they had once "loved" a person who seemed to be utterly clueless and oblivious to his or her affection. The one-sided phenomenon. Unrequited Love. Whatever you call it. When you think you've fallen for someone, the only thing that seems to matter is for that person to approximately reciprocate the way you feel for him or her. You make that person like you. But sometimes that making-her-like-me process can be so excruciating! It's always a load of mind games and the over-analysis of things. Especially if you're like me who tends to shred everything into bits, every minute detail, every word uttered, nothing is spared. I view this so-called process as a challenge, but sometimes challenges aren't so fun anymore when the goal is too out of sight and out of reach. It's like quicksand. The more you struggle, the more you sink. It's standing on shaky ground, or in this case, no ground at all. No one's going to catch you. Maybe it's only for the stalwart-hearted and the strong-willed soul or for the courageously imbecilic. But in the end, who enjoys pursuing someone who doesn't seem to give a damn? Who enjoys being hurt all too often? We reach a point where self-love enters the picture. We could choose to continue but we know we shouldn't. Maybe it's time to realize that not everything goes the way we want it to regardless of how persistent we are. I'm in love but you don't care. Maybe she does care. But not enough. Maybe she does find you wonderful and fun and nice. But not enough. And perhaps, she does like you. But not enough. It's not enough for her to let down her guard, to take a step closer. And knowing with all that was said, that nothing is enough, you should find in that enough reason to slowly let go. That you do deserve someone better. With love along with all its stupidity and beauty, there comes a point where you realize you don't want to listen to sad love songs, or watch drippy movies, or read schmaltzy stories, you want the real thing not a mere reflection of it. So there, it's time to stop. JUST STOP! Stop not because you're hurting, not because you're sad, not because you're scared but because you love--- more. I'm in love but you don't care.
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