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  1. oh… thank you so much! I really appreciate you commenting here! you helped a lot! and once again, your breasts look amazing!
  2. wow! they are beautiful! sorry, I’m not that good at implants yet what does Motiva W/OQ means? and also do they come with a lifetime guarantee? and I also have no idea which size I wanna change to. I’m currently 32a and I think maybe full b would be enough (?) not sure tho… I think my current breast even smaller than your before
  3. do they feel natural? which implants did you choose? I’m thinking about saline as they are relatively safe for body but everyone keeps saying that silicone is better (?) how about long-term side effects like nipple numbness or capsular contracture?
  4. hey everyone! I’m curious if ba safe for those who don’t have kids? I’m in my 20s and I really wanna make my breasts bigger. any advice appreciated! thanks!
  5. I think this question is kind of out of date... I mean with tinder/greender or whatever... dating and finding a date online moved to a totally different level
  6. watching motivation videos on youtube... I didn't actually believed that they work, but looks like they really are
  7. oh... I'm crazy about Ariana Grande - Break Up with Your Girlfriend
  8. I usually drink some wine or work out, it really helps
  9. thinking if I really wanna get a cosmetic surgery or not...
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