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  1. Still can't move on from danyeon I already end two dramas after ALML but my heart still for danyeon Anyone hv link to download all bts after kbs translate it?
  2. Myungsoo already update his IG..I suspect his wings pop up again so he enjoy fly to the sky and share the view with us
  3. Maybe soon they will update declaration "Soosun Dating now"
  4. Ahhh I see~~~ every girl love to give code to see how her namja react.. Wish myungsoo thought mature enough to see the girl in front of him "girlfriend also wife material"
  5. I think I know why u feel sad..thats ur hope hyesun tease him with "be mine" bcause she gv code to him right? Thats similar with me yesterday..I just rewatch the three of them interview with kocowa tv but now in eng sub.. when myungsoo said "hyesun like neighborhood noona, we call each other character name in shooting location, but usually I call her noona"..i feel sad I want anybody can say Im wrong, they are more than noona-dongsaeng relation.. I saw how hyesun appraise donggun more than myungsoo..she also said she envy with Donggun sunbaenim wife because he certainly treat his wife very good..I can see how hyesun thought already mature enough.. myungsoo maybe can be good boyfriend, but if you want search for married, I think she will choose a man like donggun..(I think I can read hyesun mean said that because we are same age ) But still my shipheart cant accept that..myungsoo yaa~~ pailiwaa be mature namja, so your noona will see u different
  6. You aree rightt So they dont need long time to make ten babies in home
  7. Ahhh yeahhh..they can watching horror movie and playing jenga all day Or maybe myungsoo can ask her to eat ramyeon
  8. She can text Dan and ask him to go out like Dan said before "if there's no one to do with, do with me"
  9. Hahahaha thats right..and I like how myungsoo enjoy look his noona shy..like he want say "kyeopta"
  10. Why me think its because they were filming married scene later? But I like hyesun expression when said that..embarrased but happy I remember myungsoo also had scene with ara like this in the train, but he busy tidying his hair after that.. with hyesun he just enjoy it
  11. Yeahhhh..me too..I join ahngo - joomin thread and read from how all their fans still guessing their chemistry on off screen and wish they become real couple..its amazing how their guess was right!!!!! And I feel soosun vibe very very similarr with them Thats right..they are very natural..do u realize in one of their bts where they like imitating children sound is very cute?? I still can imagine if myungsoo like doing this aegyo from his past video..but this the first time I saw mature hyesun doing this aegyo with her co-actor
  12. Ahhhhh yess..yesss..its different when we see bts where the couple just friend and they are more than friend I hope it not just our delusion because too much like them Soosun not just feel comfort with each other but also shy together both like ahngo couple and joomin couple..
  13. Ahhhh yes..yes..yes..so do I want to see them at KBS awards..who knows in the future I'm sure what he propose to hyesun not just jokes..there's mix with truth from the heart Myungsoo yaa~~ just text ur noona if u miss her..call her secretly, date her secretly, sometimes let public see how two of u still lovey dovey..so we can still pray for u two happiness
  14. Thats right..me too..like I said before, his speech and action tell how he proud of her but how hyesun call him "a kid" and always teased his cute act in the past, maybe she still hasn't seen him as a man I agree with u, maybe we must wait until myungsoo enlist military to see how mature him then..but its bout timing if myungsoo didnt do any action to her noona after ALML..maybe she will fall to another man
  15. I think she already mature enough..from early bts ALML, I can feel her noona side to myungsoo but from radio interview, myungsoo said they are very close..also in his private interview, he said they cant stop talk with each other.. From what I see, for myungsoo introvert type..their feeling more sensitive, so if they feel intimidate by another..they maybe maintain friendship but cant talk too much with that people.. Hyesun maybe dominan type as a woman..but always there's man actually feel that side awesome rather than intimidate..(this is what I see from myungsoo to hyesun he really proud and respect hyesun..u can see their interaction offscreen..not just by words but his eyes, his action to her) thats why I personally ship they are together
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