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  1. I want Mr. Queen season 2 in modern life With the same cast and same as their wish when meteor shower.. - Court lady choi as so yong mother - Hon yeong as so yong sister - Soyong+Wonbeom+Byeong triangle love - Hwan+Hon yeong+Hong triangle love - Youngpyeon+Hwajin new love story
  2. The 1st reason I'm tried watching this drama because the teaser attractive enough But after 1-2 ep, I become disappointed.. 1. Too much characters appear in early ep, dont know what the focus.. 2. The character noona dongsaeng just 1 year difference in age, also the seniority office gap just 2 years..But song Ah act like they difference 5-6 years.. Even Bae Tami in drama WWW who has difference age far enough not act like Song Ah.. 4. The scene when hyun seung wiped song ah lipstick more like CF scene than drama scene..
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