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  1. I really do love local trips and camping - make me feel good! I'm currently choosing a new camping tent from here: https://activegeardirect.com/best-family-camping-tents-top-5/ I feel real responsibility! We need something that would be quick to set up, but also comfortable enough.
  2. You know, I could easily stop smoking because of my asthma. There are some worse addictions, I believe. For example, it can be a real problem to give up drinking: https://addictionresource.com/alcohol/treatment/how-to-quit-drinking/ I think that you might even want to apply for rehab if it worsens the quality of your life.
  3. Why wouldn't he just go to rehab?? Feel sorry for him, addicted people really should be cured, not get in jail...
  4. I use this software for such purpose https://pdf.movavi.com/how-to-rotate-pdf-files.html It's really convenient to use and allows a lot of different functions. Well, find this one the most optimal of all.
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